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Top Three Trendy Flannel Clothing Items for Women that Should Be Part of Your Collection

Made popular by the grunge looks, flannels were very popular in the 90s with several celebrities adopting them and making them part of their style statements. Well, the 90s looks are back! So what better time than this to add some cozy and elegant flannel clothing items to your collection? They are super comfortable and do not irritate your skin. Courtesy of the fabric they are also very breathable and do not cause discomfort to the wearer. They are incredibly soft to the touch and add a dash of chic to everyone’s fall and winter outfits. They are also durable and last for a long time. Additionally, since they can never really go out of fashion, they are generally hailed as timeless classics in everybody’s wardrobes and vintage flannel clothing items are in high demand.

Are you a retailer or a private label business owner reading this? Well, then you know by now that flannels are back with a bang. So why not add some other trendy flannel items to your collection? These will add variety to your store and will be a delightful surprise for your customers. Just make sure you browse the web well and find yourself a reputed private label wholesale flannel clothing supplier with a large catalog. Then go ahead and place your bulk orders of wholesale plaid flannel shirts for women and other trending items. Additionally, to know the top trendy flannel clothing items for women that should be part of your updated collection, keep reading.

Flannel Shirts

Today flannel shirts go way beyond the characteristic red plaid flannel shirts that have been a beacon of fashion for ages. This year neons, pastels, and bright colors have all been in the limelight. We have seen several celebrities like Kendall Jenner, Elsa Hosk, Hailey Bieber, Reese Witherspoon, and others donning their favorite plaid shirts and looking chic. Hence, this one will be an instant hit with your customers. So, place a bulk order of wholesale women’s flannel shirts with a reputed private label wholesale flannel clothing supplier and spoil your customers with a large collection of the latest styles.

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Flannel Pants

plaid flannel pants

Emily Ratajkowski’s paparazzi pictures of her wearing a pair of beige flared plaid pants with a grey crop tee are goals and give anybody all the more reason to invest in a good pair of flannel pants for their wardrobe. However, it’s not just the supermodel who has been seen wearing them. There are several other celebrities like Emma Roberts. Mel B and the like who have strutted in style in their plaid pants. So, don’t forget to add some trendy plaid flannel pants to your collection. These are super-trendy and will be well-liked by your customers.

Flannel Skirts

Remember Rachel Green’s plaid skirts from the popular sitcom Friends? Or, Cher’s bright yellow plaid skirt from Clueless? Well, no better time than now to revisit those styles!

Additionally, since flannels are having their time in the limelight, wearing a flannel skirt is also quite trendy this year. So, channel your inner Josie Saltzman or style up like Avril Lavigne and wear some chic and elegant flannel skirts like a pro. You can match them with a bell-sleeved top or wear them with a sweater or sport them with a polo tee, your choice. However, you can never go wrong with them.

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So, if you are a business owner reading this and thinking of placing a bulk order of these trendy flannel outfits, choose the most reputed among private label clothing manufacturers USA. Remember to choose one that not only specializes in flannel clothing items like flannel skirts, flannel pants, and plaid flannel shirts but also stocks items like flannel bed sheets, flannel blankets, kids’ flannel shirts, flannel dresses, and more. That way you can build a wide collection of trendy and cozy flannel items and delight your customers with an updated and varied collection. Additionally, if you have any queries, get them resolved by contacting their helpdesk. Then, go ahead and bulk order some trendy flannel items for your store right away!