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Unique Ways You Can Create Trendy Flannel Outfits For The Workplace

Flannel outfits work well for the ideal office attire. You can style this timeless clothing piece in so many different ways to make a fashionable statement for your workplace, especially when you have strict dress codes to abide by.

Owing to the demands for trendy flannel outfits, one of the popular wholesalers of flannel clothing USA has curated a collection of outfits you can definitely have a look at. Therefore read on the blog below to know more about the same.

Feminine love

A fitted red and black plaid flannel shirt can be worn with a knee-length black skirt and black stockings to create the perfect outfit for the fall season. For the layer, you can simply adorn a beige trench coat to protect yourself from the chills. Boots with strappy detailing is perfect for the outfit.

Oversized drama

Style a trendy clothing piece with a versatile apparel to create the perfect fashionable workplace outfit. An oversized blazer worn over a muted red flannel shirt and a pair of mom jeans is perfect for the office. This outfit is all about balancing the formal with the casual. You can also opt for formal shoes in a neutral dark shaded to comply by the rules!

Color riot

Take a break from the usual boring flannel hues and opt for colors that will help to alleviate your workplace outfit. Hence, opt for an emerald green flannel shirt that can be worn with a pair of charcoal grey fitted trouser. You can even opt for a denim jacket in the shade of camel brown to step up the style game in the office.

Monochromatic much?

Women who are not comfortable with too many colors can always opt for the safer luxe alternative, the monochromatics. This is a great way to stick to a popular neutral color which means you’re following the rules and curated an insta-worthy outfit as well! Hence, an oxblood shirt will definitely look cool with bark brown pants and a pair of black boots.

Business owners who wish to include fashionable flannel clothes in their store can contact one of the popular wholesale flannel shirts suppliers in USA. Browse through the ever expanding collection of outfits, select the required pieces and state the wholesale needs to the customer care team.

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