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How to Maintain the Quality of the Flannels You Own?

Flannel fabric offers a warm, soft material that is used for several items. It needs some easy cleaning steps to make sure that the fabric remains touchable and soft, the way it was planned.

Let’s check out some of the ways you can properly clean your flannel clothes or flannel blankets, sheets, shirts, or other items.
Before you think about cleaning your flannel materials, you must have mild detergent, warm water, and fabric dryer sheets/white vinegar/softener with you.


Fill up the washing machine with some warm water. Make sure you are not working with hot water, that’s a complete no-no when it comes to flannels.

Mix in the apt amount of any mild detergent. If you choose to use any regular detergent, you have to consider the fact that your flannel may fade over time. Bleak detergents or those with bleach alternatives or additives should be kept away.

Wash the flannel item on the gentle cycle or permanent press, that depends on the item you are dealing with at that moment. It is best to keep the temperature of the water uniform. Keep in mind: Warm wash as well as warm rinse.

Put some fabric softener to the rinse cycle. You can go for one cup of white vinegar as it is an organic fabric softener. This is essential to cut down on the amount of lint on the flannel. If you are not using a fabric softener with your load, a dryer sheet can be swapped to the drying cycle.

Flannel can be suspended to dry or just machine dry it. If you opt for machine drying, without any delay, take out the items out once they are dry. Over-drying the items will weaken the fabric. Drying or no or low heat helps to sustain the good condition of the fabric for a longer period and prevents both shedding and shrinking.

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Other Tips to Bear in Mind

Even the best of the flannel will start wearing out over time and become lanky and lose its smoothness. Enjoy it and take good care of it while it lasts, but be ready to substitute the older items.

Flannel will make lint in the dryer, be certain to vacant your lint trap post each load.

Business owners and retailers who want to add wholesale flannel blankets to their collection of flannel clothing in their store can get in touch with one of the popular manufacturers. Their support team will help you out with the pricing once you are done with placing your bulk order.


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