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Can Flannel Shirts Keep you Warm During Falls and Winters

If you close your eyes and imagine a flannel shirt, the first image that comes to mind is a logger standing in the middle of a cold forest, holding an ax in one hand and a mug of steaming latte in the other. Maybe you see a hiker cresting the summit of a leaf-strewn hill right before a stunning fall sunset. These complex fictitious situations have one thing in common: flannel is used to keep the wearer warm.

Hence, the quick response to the question “are flannel shirts warm?” would be a resounding “yes,” followed by several exclamation marks. But, rather than stopping there, we’ll delve deeper into what flannel is and how it manages to keep wearers feeling comfy and warm.

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What Exactly is Flannel?

Contrary to common belief, flannel does not relate to a particular fabric type. Flannel textiles can be made of cotton or wool, although a flannel shirt is considerably more likely to be made of cotton.

How Effective are Flannel Shirts at Keeping you Warm?

Consider the importance of insulation in keeping a house warm. When insulation is installed between the walls of a home, it reduces the likelihood of warm air escaping. The living area grows warmer as more heat is trapped within the residence.

The brushed texture of flannel clothing has a similar impact in terms of warmth. The heat that your body naturally produces is always leaving, but the elevated threads of a flannel shirt capture that heat, keeping it closer to your skin.

Then there’s the weight of the fabric’s quality. Most flannel shirt materials are heavier and thicker, to begin with, because more substantial textiles are better candidates for brushing. Both of these characteristics will aid in the retention of heat and the prevention of chills.

How to Make Flannel Even Cozier?

We’ve just spoken about the natural causes of flannel shirts being warm, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to boost the heat factor of a flannel robe or flannel shirt. Lining a long flannel robe with Sherpa fleece is a proven method to provide insulation. Sherpa fleece works similarly to flannel in that it traps heat with its raised, fuzzy texture; the exception is that Sherpa fleece is a synthetic fabric rather than wool or cotton.

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