Time to Take up Flannels as a Part of Plus Size Clothing for All Curvy Women

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The recent decades in the global fashion scene have been curve celebration, and from celebs to models, no one turned away from confidently showing off their flabs. The plus size celebs are nowhere behind in today’s glamorous world, and they are motivating the other women too, to look absolutely stunning by following some tips and tricks to stay in style.

Today, moving from the usual clothing styles, what about going back to the 90’s and trying out the flannel clothing pieces to look different, vintage and feel comfortable too? The plaid flannels bring back the grunge fashion, and also the fabric itself is found in two types, cotton and wool, in fine textures. From feeling convenient, to trying a number of attires in flannel clothing pieces, you are good to go with this style.

Thus, check out the retail stores that have flannel clothing pieces as a part of plus size clothing wholesale category and shop them in different varieties to add some freshness to your closet.

Always wear your size

Flannel is a very smooth fabric, and sometimes wool flannel happens to be heavy. Hence, to not make it look too fluffy, you have to make sure that you wear the right size, be it the flannel shirt or the pants. The tighter or baggier clothes will make you uncomfortable and also would not flatter your body.

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Never be afraid of colors

Whilst wearing the flannel clothing pieces, never be scared of experimenting with color schemes. Black might make you appear slimmer, but the addition of different other brighter colors will help you accentuate your best assets, and highlight them properly. These mixture of different colors create right amount of interest towards you by the onlookers, and also make you more confident to walk down anywhere with oomph.

Blocking is a big yes

Flannel always doesn’t mean the essential checks or plaids, as you can go for monochromatic or dual toned clothes too. To give a proper silhouette to your figure, you should bank on the clothes with color blocking, print blocking and seam details in the flannel outfits, and look very put together and stunning. These clothing styles will help you carry the right demeanor easily without putting any such efforts.

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Combining right silhouettes

The right silhouette creation is very important, and hence balance you must balance outfits, properly. If you are wearing a tight pencil skirt, add the loose flannel shirt on it, and for the right fitted crop top you must go for the baggy fitted flannel pyjama pant.

Choose flannel fabric wisely

There are different categories of flannel fabric, especially the wool and cotton. To make you look more streamline, avoid wearing the heavier wool and bank into the cotton flannel clothing pieces.

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Necklines matter

The collared flannel shirts are best for any body types, but for the tops and dresses you must cinch into the boat and V-neck line ones, to look best with your chest area.

Thus, explore the retail stores that have plus size flannels in bulk.

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring comes with new hopes, aspirations, and definitely a fresh new collection of outfits to be added to your wardrobe! Be it the glamorous women or the hunky men, you need to change your look in the transition period from winter to summer, with lots of colors brightness and preppy clothes and accessories. You can spurge into the spring special collections at the online fashion hubs to get your preferred outfits, that too at reasonable prices. From comfort to light weight feel to the stylistic details they carry, you need to be minutely taking a note of everything. Spring is not about the sloppy jackets, or the slouchy silhouettes, you need to be more toned and look absolutely dapper and vivacious.

From the easy breeze outerwears, to lots of pink to be added to your closet, the light knitwear and definitely the grunge special best flannel shirts, you have a an array of endless options to try out this year. Here are some of the style definitions to try out with these outfits.

The easy breezy light outerwears

The spring is a season when you might suddenly feel cold, and for this the easy breezy and light weight jackets and coats will come to your rescue. Wear them with the formal shirts to office, or with tee to the causal outings and even to the gyms sessions. Granting perfect layering options, they come in a medley of cuts, shapes, colors and designs. From bombers to sweat jackets to the windcheaters, you get everything to try on.

Classic Flannel Sweatshirt

Vary the stripes

Be it the vertical stripes or the horizontal ones, the striped clothes are reigning supreme, and you can get them in the form of shirts or the trousers and even the tees. Lay your hands on the ones that come in different color options, to give you the most exquisite silhouettes.

Pink and Blue Duotone Shirt

Add pink

The menswear, especially for spring has been turning to the color pink. Go for the pink colored outfits, from the shirts to jackets, suits and much more. The soothing pink color will be a good choice for the sunny spring mornings.

Get punked

The graphic tees worn with the distressed jeans look great for the spring, and wear them with the colourful sneakers or boots to get the right punk attitude. From the slip and cropped ones, to the slouchy tattered trousers, you can try anything that suits you perfectly.

Greenish Blue and Black Checked Flannel Shirt

The grunge style

Yes, the old days are back and the grunge style is witnessed to be revived by the celebs and models. Try out the flannel outfits, especially the shirts that come with different plaid patterns in a variety of colors. Wear them with the denims or the chinos, and look absolutely smart with a retro edge with the contemporary twist. Also, use them as the layering options to be added to the simple graphic and plain tees.

Thus, from flannel for men to the pink outfits and outerwears, make sure to experiment this spring!

Flannel Shirts Are the Hottest Thing to Stock Up On This Season!!

Flannel Shirts Are the Hottest Thing to Stock Up On This Season!!

Suit up this fall to wield an axe, to hike or look really cool…the flannel shirt is back and it has become the uniform of the outdoors this autumn! And mind you, they’re a far cry from the ’90s grunge, lumberjack-looking shirts. They’re not scratchy, more tech and offer all-round comfort. Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life are going to practically be seen living in this trend in 2016!

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What’s Not to Like About Flannels?

Flannel shirts wholesale are simply great…they’re classic, will keep you warm and oh, they’ll make you look great awesome! These shirts have gone through and affected a million lives from being the quintessential badass mountain man shirt to being the dad shirt and then there were the likes of Kurt Cobain and the rest of the ’90s grunge scene. These shirts are so fabulous that they’re going to make you look beyond perfect whether you are tromping through the fall foliage with your partner or sitting around the campfire with your buddies. You can even take your favorite flannel shirts to work by pairing it up with the right outerwear and bottoms!!

Works Great with Anything in the Closet

Plaid shirts look superb with any kind of bottom clothing – shorts, trousers, denims, skirts and even leggings. These shirts can be effortlessly layered up with solid or graphic printed tee and left unbuttoned or with leather jackets, hoodies or any other stylish outerwear. It also looks great when casually tied around the waist! Women can wear flannel shirts as an outerwear with dresses to give it a fashionable edge to feminine outfits. Megan Fox and Avril Lavigne is a huge follower of this trend and they absolutely nail that ‘tough yet adorable chic’ look. As for the guys, check out Bradley Cooper!

Since a lot of corporate organizations are lowering down their strict dress codes, a lot of professionals are opting for wearing flannels to work as well. It can be layered up with a smart-looking sweater or with a well-tailored suit jacket or blazer. Looking sharp yet stylish is not a problem anymore!

Flannel shirts are available in gorgeous color combinations today and varying sizes of patterns and checks. As a retailer, it would do you good to stock up on different wholesale flannel shirts in bulk. For that, get in touch with a reputed manufacturer and wholesale supplier and flood your inventory with the hottest trend of the season!

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Few Ways For Boys And Girls To Deck Up In Flannel Shirts

Be it fall or spring, there are few style quotients which never goes out of the global fashion scene, such are flannel shirts. Known for warmth and high-quality comfort fused with the essence of classic plaids , there can never be any substitute for flannels. Now you might be thinking that checks are quite monotonous and they no more have any freshness to deliver, but what if we say that the celebs and run way models have been giving the fashion forward crowd the most head turning style ideas to do them with perfection? Also, there are stunning collections of these outfits in the retail stores which are getting crafted by the top-notch flannel shirts wholesale companies to entice the flannel aficionados in the market.

If you are thinking on how to wrap around new definitions of style with flannel shirts, we will get you covered with style tips

Style Makes a Gentleman

It has always been a stereotypical notion that fashion is for women, but why shall girls have all the fun? With the evolution of the global fashion industry, men are no longer lagging behind to embrace a medley of style mantras . How to do this with flannel shirts? Scroll down for your answers:

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1. Blazers: The Grown up Costumes

Office scene aren’t complete without blazer and a suited up look. But it is time to break off the monotony , and try a flannel plaid patterned shirt instead. With a blazer? Yes, Get hold of a navy blue single buttoned blazer, and layer it one a black and white flannel shirt, tucked into a grey trousers and brown loafers! Sounds interesting? We bet it is lot more!

2. Rock the Streets with Smartness Redefined

You might be thinking for a road trip with friends next weekend? Let’s give your street smart fashion a much required makeover with a funky flannel shirt. Instead of moto jacket and tattered denims, team up a red and black checked flannel shirt with a black bomber jacket, tucked into a beige chino pant with tapered bottom for a casual stance! Not to forget on the white sneakers for a peppy finesse.

3. Night Around the Town Shenanigans

Rock your Saturday nights with music and dance, but refrain from committing any fashion crime! Trash all your worries because a multicoloured plaid flannel shirt will help you here, with denim jacket, crisp denim pants , beanie cap and the chukka boots to add prep and elegance!

Women don’t do fashion, they are fashion

Women has a timeless connection with fashion , and this never ending bond can be rendered an edge with flannel shirts as the flannel shirts Australia companies have introduced wide arrays of them exclusive for the fashion conscious girls.

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1. Feminine Silhouette at Date Night

Make a difference at your date night with a spunky flannel shirt and a leather pencil skirt on your date night!

2. Cool Vibes at Shopping

On a street shopping spree? Hit the roads with a tee and rugged denims and tie a dark colored flannel shirt around the waist for a very appeasing look.

3. Poised Party Planner

Rock your weekend parties no more in dresses but carry off a cool and sexy outlook with a shimmering tee, leather leggings, and definitely a red flannel shirt layered from above.

What Makes Flannel Dress so Much in Vogue?

What Makes Flannel Dress so Much in Vogue?

With winter around the corner, everyone will be reaching out to the flannel clothing they have in their wardrobes. For those who don’t have, it is the best time to invest in wholesale flannel shirts. Let’s see what makes these flannel so much in vogue.

Keeps You Warm and Comfortable

Flannel is a light woven fabric that helps in keeping you slightly warm in cold weather conditions. In case of extreme cold, you can wear more layers to your flannel clothing to keep you warm and comfortable. Be it jackets, coats or blazers, you can wear nay of these over a flannel dress. Even a stole or shawl can be used to wrap you around.

flannel dress

Gives You Room to Explore New Styles

When you think of flannel, you think of shirts in criss-cross patterns. But you know you can think beyond shirts as well. If you want to wear something slightly longer, then you can make a long top or tunic out of it. Even the plaid shirts can be worn in several different ways to make you look stylish as always.

Easy to Wear and Maintain

Flannels are such that these can be easily worn with a wide variety of bottoms. Be it skirt, shorts, pants, denims, leggings, jeggings- it can be worn with all of them and much more. As such, these clothes require less of maintenance. It is always better to follow the instructions of the manufacturer to ensure clothes last long.

With so much of advantages of flannel designer clothing, it is best to have these in your retail designer store as it has huge demand among your regular and walk-in customers. For business purpose, you can always buy these clothes from manufacturers, suppliers and flannel shirts wholesale who’ll give you the best deals for bulk purchase.

Types Of Flannel Shirts Your Store Must Stock Up On

Types Of Flannel Shirts Your Store Must Stock Up On

There is something about flannel shirts that draws the attention of all. People just cannot seem to have enough of it. This has been one of the strongest reasons for store owners to ensure having a good stock of the same all through the year. However, how well you do with your stock depends upon how carefully you choose the types of flannel shirts for your shelves and racks. For all you know, while the idea of these evergreen options may remain unaltered the fact that trends have changed thoroughly needs to be taken into serious account.

There Are Many Kind of Flannel Shirts:

If you are a new store owner and wish to forge ahead with urgency, here are 5 types of shirts that are sure to attract the attention of buyers towards your shop almost instantly…

mens red plaid flannel shirt

The Classic Checks

No matter how hard people try, it can be a little too difficult to escape the charms of the classic checked flannel shirts. In fact, flannel shirts wholesale manufacturers always ensure housing the best of these options for stores to make the most of. This is one of the most convenient and functional options of clothing that is sure to never be out of style.

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Sleeveless Flannel Shirts

Yes. These options are imperative to house under your collection especially at this time of the summers. Sleeveless flannel shirts are attractive to both men and women and can be worn in infinite ways to create infinite casually chic looks. So, you must request you flannel shirt suppliers to work up a good collection of these for you.

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Shirt Dresses for Women

Flannel shirt dresses are gaining thorough popularity with women for the fact that they manage to produce an undeniably flattering look in favor of all body types and sizes. If you host a good collection of these under your banner, you are sure to get the best attention of the ladies.

Office Collection

Corporate offices and work places have woken up to the fact that summers without flannel can literally amount to torture. So, flannel shirt manufacturers have ensured designing options that reflect a cool yet formal look. These options are available for both men and women especially in bold pastel shades and stripes. Housing these shirts can work wonderfully for your store.

Winter Shirts

Last but never the least, flannel is not for summers only. Wooly flannel is very popular in winters for the warm and comfortable effect it casts on the wearers. Housing a good collection of winter flannel shirts in rich checks can gather good traffic for your shop.

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang!

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang

Everyone has witnessed the dungarees, mirrored glasses and hats make it way back into the fashion world but this season, fashion bloggers all around the world are talking about the revival of the 90’s grunge trend. This trend typically involved tying flannel shirts around the waist paired up with ripped jeans, sneakers or boots. Since no trend has ever come back without a single reinvention, here are 3 hottest ways for the ladies to wear their plaid shirts that are totally going to rock this trend this season.

plaid flannel shirts for women

Wrap it around Jeans to Relive the Grunge Era

This is the most classic and common way to pull this look off. To nail this look, pay great attention to the color of the shirt and either make it match the color of your outfit or go for bold colored plaids to make it pop. If you want to give out the ‘Don’t Mess with Me’ message to all the boys looking your way, then pair it up with a biker jacket. Look grungy and relive the 90’s all over again. As far as shoes are concerned, don’t be afraid to play around and feel free to mix it up with flats, boots and even heels and as for jeans, any skinny or straight fitting ones would do great.

Wrap the Flannel Shirt around Skorts, Shorts or Skirts

This is an amazing way to combine the chic yet tough look. Skorts, shorts or skirts are anyway statement pieces on its own and adding the shirt-wrap just helps to accentuate and flatter the waist area even more. The key to pulling off this look is to pair it up with a neutral colored top or a light sweater as this will help to tone the outfit down a bit. Always remember that less is more! Sometimes being simple just might be the answer for looking ravishing and eye-catching.

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Plaid Shirts Look Great With Dresses Too!

Ladies, if you have raised your eyebrows with the thought of wrapping flannels around the waist with dresses, then clearly you have never tried to dress outside of the box! Flannels with dresses are a great way to achieve the casual yet chic look and is perfect for all those times when you want to wear a dress but do not want to look to overly dressed. To achieve the best results, try wrapping flannels around a body-con or t-shirt dress. For a more harmonized look, pick a shirt that has the same color as the dress.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in your boyfriend’s closet to find a shirt to wrap around your waist or look for manufacturers dealing in the sale of wholesale plaid flannel shirts. Whether you require flannels for personal or commercial purposes, buying in bulk will always be advantageous on the financial front.