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How to Rock the New Year’s Eve in flannel Clothing

No matter the year or time— of all the iconic, cool-weather fashion trends, flannel always remains on top. And, if you want your New Year’s Eve outfit to be voguish, comfortable, and warm this time, then rely on flannel clothing! Whether you plan to groove to the club’s music all night or wish to just stay home and lounge with a few friends, flannel can give you the very look you want.

Whatever your plan is, you can trust these 8 mind-boggling New Year’s Eve flannel clothing outfits:

Flannel shirt, bomber jacket, and thigh-high boots

Partner a long, oversized flannel shirt with a bulky bomber and thigh-length boots for a look that’s equally chic and warm. The thigh-high boots double as pants, keeping your legs cozy and toasty, and yet giving you a cool appearance. If you aren’t really comfortable with the absence of pants, then you can always throw on mini-shorts!

Flannel bodysuit, corduroy pants

Wishing to get a unique, never-heard-before look? Wear a flannel bodysuit with a smart pair of high-waisted corduroy pants! It’s not only unusual but a cozy ensemble as well. Sticking to a similar color palette creates a cohesive outfit. However, you can also color match based on tone by pairing cool or warm shades.

Flannel dress, combat boots

Whoever said that a flannel dress can’t give you an eye-catching look, can’t be more wrong. It can! Of course, it can! All you need to do is go for a bodycon flannel dress. To flaunt your thin waist, you can reach out for a statement belt. To take it up a notch, throw on combat boots.

Basic tee, flannel jacket, wide-legged trousers

To grab eyeballs, consider throwing on the chicest flannel jacket on top of a basic tee, and combining these with wide-legged trousers. Put on platform heels to take your look to the next level.

Sports bra, flannel skirt

Ever tried to pair a sports bra with an A-line flannel skirt? No! The New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity. Grab it! This exceptional combination is sure to turn heads, no matter where you head to!

Black tee, flannel shirt, tasseled shorts

To dress up a flannel shirt, consider wearing it unbuttoned over a black tee, and wear tasseled shorts with it. To give off the ultimate cool girl vibes, don’t forget to fold the sleeves to the elbow. Wear stilettoes to make things more interesting.

Cropped oversized flannel shirt, sharp leather pants

A flannel shirt doesn’t need to be boring in neutrals or too fun in colors, you can get the perfect look in between by simply wearing it with sharp leather pants. Throw on a cropped oversized flannel shirt if you want to spice it up even more for New Year’s Eve.

Flannel shirt, statement maxi skirt

A splendid, eye-catching New Year’s Eve flannel outfit? It’s a flannel shirt, plus a statement maxi skirt! If you are going for prints, then make sure your skirt features something that isn’t too confusing for the viewer! To top things off, carry a pretty sling bag!



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