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5 Bottom Wear Except Jeans that Enhance the Beauty of a Flannel Shirt!

Flannel is a versatile fabric! So bidding adieu to winter, it is time to update the spring wardrobe collection. But that does not mean you need to stash away the timeless fashion flannel shirt just because it is not winter. Enough tweaks have been introduced to the principal design of the shirt that makes it a popular choice throughout the year. (You can’t really deny the strong presence of flannel!)

But the question still remains- what exactly should you team a flannel shirt? Breaking from the age old shackles that flannel can be worn only with a pair of jeans, here is a list of 5 bottom wear that can be teamed with a flannel shirt for a stellar appearance. Read on and find out more about the noteworthy couplings as stated below.

Flannel shirt with a pair of leggings

The first choice is an appropriate combination for the hotter months, thus it is worth the try. Oversized vintage flannel shirts are the flawless pick to master this look. Team a pair of black leggings with the button down and complete the attire using a pair of knee length boots. This is a great casual assemble and is sure to help you garner compliments from the onlookers. If you want to add a touch of drama to the ensemble, then wear a chunky neckpiece and you will be done for the best.

Flannel shirt with a pair of shorts

A classic look for summer, this look tests the stability of flannel fashion as you use the piece like an outerwear. Tuck a solid t-shirt inside a pair of shorts and throw over the flannel shirt like a jacket. For dramatization of the appearance, you can let the buttons fly open. Make sure that the length of the shorts enhances your silhouette. A pair of ballerinas will be perfect to amplify the simplicity of the look, with no added accessories required to accompany.

Flannel shirt with flared pants

Adorable at the first sight, a flannel shirt combined with a pair of flared pants is a winner. There are a few tips which you need to remember when trying out this look. You need to tuck the shirt inside your pants. The pants should end well below your ankle. A pair of pumps will help you elevate your silhouette. No accessories are required as the two juxtaposed fashion items are strong enough to stand out on their own. Walk with confidence as that is going to help you win hearts.

Flannel shirt with skater skirt

If you are a tad bit worried about the fact the masculinity of the flannel shirt is too strong to overpower, then add a feminine piece of skater skirt to your outfit and see it perfectly balance the upshot. Make sure that the colours of the top and lower portion of your outfits complement each other and are in sync. Wear a pair of opaque stockings and let ballerinas adorn at the end of it. A chunky neckpiece and sunglasses will perfectly sum up this wonderful chic look.

Flannel shirt with summer dress

No fashion list for summer can be complete without a simple dress to graze it! Thus, the last clothing item might not be a bottom wear, but it is a dress in whole and requires a mention. Pick a flirty dress in neutral colours and throw over an oversized flannel button down to add drama to it. A pair of knee length boots will add volumes of sex appeal to the ensemble. You can let go off any and all accessories for that is really not necessary. Stay simple and make the maximum impact.

So make summer worthwhile by making worthwhile and distinctive appearance in flannel shirt coupled with the right bottoms. Prominent manufacturers have a bunch of wholesale flannel shirts, as they are available in many other countries. Retailers from all around the world can make a bulk purchase and secure great discounts on them.

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