The Era of the Lumber sexual and Tough Femme Fatales Defined by Flannel Shirt

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The early 2000s saw the rise of the metro sexual male and the world embraced highly tailored and sculpted looking men. But a more rustic presentation is taking over that trend as burly-looking, bearded men in flannel plaid shirts continue to rise in popularity. This trend is viewed upon the resurgence of masculinity as Shakespeare had said, if boys had their whiskers coming in that meant they were becoming man and they could no longer play women on the stage. Following close behind is the new-age women who doesn’t mind looking a little rough and tough with a beautiful touch of feminity. And nothing satisfies all the criteria better than a classic, hippy plaid shirt!

The Urban Lumberjack Men is On the Rise

Expecting Tinder date to look clean shaven, wearing well-fitting and tailored clothes and looking all neat and tidy is a thing of the past and frankly, women today want something more. They want a sense of adventure, excitement and a craving for the unknown. We all know and have met the guy who has got everything together, a life planned out. But where is the fun? Here is when the lumberjack-looking, uber-sexy guy will come in the picture and sweep you off your feet! What makes this guy so irresistible? Is it the well-groomed beard? Or that fabulous plaid shirt that he wore with those really durable working boots? The entire urban lumberjack look is held together by flannel shirts that are specifically crafted to exude an outdoorsy feel and it looks absolutely smashing with just about anything – slim-fit pants, over trousers, teamed up with a smart jacket, layered and left unbuttoned on a plain, colored tee. Just about anything looks spiced up and enticing!

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Men Love Girls a Little Tough with Flannel Shirt

Yes, we all know you are the good girl and in search of the perfect guy. But can you honestly deny the need for some thrill during the journey of finding that prince charming? Since you cannot, just fill your wardrobe with some super comfortable, warm and electrifying plaid shirts that will enhance your appearance by levels you cannot even count on your finger. A-Lister celebrities are seen rocking the trend…when will you join the list? Get a flannel shirt made in USA and wear it anyhow you choose to – just lay it there over that sexy LBD and nail that edgy, chic look or pair it up with those leg-hugging, tight leather pants and tie it over your seductive waist, or you could also choose to go the conventional way of wearing it buttoned-up with those skinny jeans or skirt.

Given that the flannel shirts have been ever on the rise in demand and popularity, designers have left no stones upturned to jazz up these little beauties. Contact top-rating flannel shirt manufacturers, place order in bulk to save yourself a fortune and guys and girls, get your hipster, punk look on!

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring comes with new hopes, aspirations, and definitely a fresh new collection of outfits to be added to your wardrobe! Be it the glamorous women or the hunky men, you need to change your look in the transition period from winter to summer, with lots of colors brightness and preppy clothes and accessories. You can spurge into the spring special collections at the online fashion hubs to get your preferred outfits, that too at reasonable prices. From comfort to light weight feel to the stylistic details they carry, you need to be minutely taking a note of everything. Spring is not about the sloppy jackets, or the slouchy silhouettes, you need to be more toned and look absolutely dapper and vivacious.

From the easy breeze outerwears, to lots of pink to be added to your closet, the light knitwear and definitely the grunge special best flannel shirts, you have a an array of endless options to try out this year. Here are some of the style definitions to try out with these outfits.

The easy breezy light outerwears

The spring is a season when you might suddenly feel cold, and for this the easy breezy and light weight jackets and coats will come to your rescue. Wear them with the formal shirts to office, or with tee to the causal outings and even to the gyms sessions. Granting perfect layering options, they come in a medley of cuts, shapes, colors and designs. From bombers to sweat jackets to the windcheaters, you get everything to try on.

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Vary the stripes

Be it the vertical stripes or the horizontal ones, the striped clothes are reigning supreme, and you can get them in the form of shirts or the trousers and even the tees. Lay your hands on the ones that come in different color options, to give you the most exquisite silhouettes.

Pink and Blue Duotone Shirt

Add pink

The menswear, especially for spring has been turning to the color pink. Go for the pink colored outfits, from the shirts to jackets, suits and much more. The soothing pink color will be a good choice for the sunny spring mornings.

Get punked

The graphic tees worn with the distressed jeans look great for the spring, and wear them with the colourful sneakers or boots to get the right punk attitude. From the slip and cropped ones, to the slouchy tattered trousers, you can try anything that suits you perfectly.

Greenish Blue and Black Checked Flannel Shirt

The grunge style

Yes, the old days are back and the grunge style is witnessed to be revived by the celebs and models. Try out the flannel outfits, especially the shirts that come with different plaid patterns in a variety of colors. Wear them with the denims or the chinos, and look absolutely smart with a retro edge with the contemporary twist. Also, use them as the layering options to be added to the simple graphic and plain tees.

Thus, from flannel for men to the pink outfits and outerwears, make sure to experiment this spring!

4 Tips for Men to Rock the Flannel Look This Summer!

4 Tips for Men to Rock the Flannel Look This Summer!

Finally, summer’s here! There are chances that you were actually thinking of getting rid of that uber cosy flannel shirt. But let us reconsider that decision. For years, there has existed in fashion industry a need to link a particular clothing item with a specific season. Flannel for the fall, and light t-shirts for the summer. But we are well past that point when this line could be held true. The scenario has changed completely.

With enough tweaks to the basic design of a plaid flannel shirt, they can be sported throughout the year. However, when it comes to summer, there has to be some precise tips on how to wear flannel shirts. For that all-on-out grunge look that we want to borrow from the 90s, flannel shirt is the key. So to help you completely master the look and be at the top of your game, here are a few suggestions, which you may find interesting.

Whoopee Burgundy, Blue Check Shirt

Use the flannel shirt as an added auxiliary!

Whether you want to tie the flannel shirt around your waist, or just wear like a jacket, the look is the ultimate you can have for this summer. A humble t-shirt to accompany your look will rid you off vanity, as obviously you cannot wear two button-down shirts at the same time, it is just weird. The shirts will serve as an accessory, with no less panache. Online flannel clothing store have the best collection of plaid shirts which will definitely help you dress appropriately for summers.

Keep the look really simple

A plaid flannel shirt has a very heavy character. It is something that has a voice of its own and works a charm that is undeniable. No matter if they are the hero of your look or just acting as a very strong catalyst, the rest of your look should be refined and subtle. So just a t-shirt, jeans and the flannel shirt, you are definitely up to steal the show. There is no need to make bold statements by combining it with other patterns and textures. The key to looking good in flannel in summer is to keep it plain and simple.

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Team your plaid shirt with denim bottoms

The third rule more specifically focuses on the bottom wear. If you need advice regarding that, then read on. The strategic approach to wearing flannel shirts in summer is to actually wear it the way it was meant to be- casual. So it goes without saying that a pair of jeans is what you are looking for. However, if you are looking to experiment, then a pair of khaki pants can also work well, without adding any drama to the outfit and keeping it light and breezy.

Opt for lighter shades, practicality wins!

Cheap flannel shirts for men as available with many manufacturers, have designed plaid shirts that complement the hotter pangs of summer. Colour is a vital factor to consider! Darker colours attract more heat, whereas lighter shades have a tendency to refract light and heat. For this simple scientific reason, you can pick lighter hues for the shirt. This will not go easy on you and keep you comfortable, but will look extremely presentable.

Thus, to conclude it can be said that make your summer worthwhile this year by coupling your plaid flannel shirt with the correct outfits. Wholesale flannel shirts can be purchased by retailers or store owners from prominent manufacturers at discounted rates. The versatility of the shirts make them worth the investment.

Preppy to Gunge, the Flannelette Shirts Offer Many Styles to Women

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The flannel fashion has been one in all, from the grunge, to lumber sexual, or the preppy and classy stances. It has become the ubiquitous closet staple for the fashion forward women too, apart from being the hot favourites of women. This off-duty clothing essential has been creating a stir in the global fashion scene for being so versatile, and you can tuck it into a sparkling skirt for parties, and also wear to the office with the formal trousers. Thus, they can take you from being completely sloppy and casual to gorgeous and shimmering. Instantly scoring any silhouette effortlessly is quite easy and nonchalant for the flannelette shirts, whether they come in an oversized demeanor, or well fitted shape.

The plaid womens flannel shirts not only exude exuberance, or soft finesse and sporty chic modish stance, they are also available in a wide array of colors. Apart from the conventional red and black check patterns, today the designers have given way to state of the art color combinations, from neons with black, to neutral shades with colorful hues. Thus, women can bank on their preferred ones from the online stores.

Want to rock them with confidence? Here are some style tips.

Charming yet spunky

Get the fusion of charming and spunky looks for the casual outings, with a chic flannel shirt. Get going with the simple tee worn with a mini skater skirt. Tie the colorful plaid flannel shirt around your waist, and layer your outfit with the leather jacket. This outfit of yours can be worn both with thigh high boots and the chunky stilettoes.

Spruce up your hotness

Who said the flannel outfits cannot offer you a sexy and hot ensemble? You can wear the flannel shirt, with a high waist slit skirt, and rock the hot avatar. Go fir the strappy stilettoes, and red lipstick and get ready for a date night or the party nights on weekends. A killer and mesmerizing look!

Winter woes

Solve your winter style woes as you get going with the flannel shirts teamed with denims or chinos, and drape the animal printed fluffy jacket over this. The animal prints and plaid patterns will give way to a great combination, and you can settle down for the beanie cap with this for the right addition of accessories.

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The retro dynamism

Want to get the retro look, but wondering how to? You can combine the different retro outfits, for instance the vintage crop tee, with the high waist culottes, and team this with the 90’s flannel shirt. This will be a complete mix and match of different classic clothing pieces, and add a dash of panache to your persona.

Like a dress?

Yes, you can turn a flannel shirt to a dress easily. Go for the oversized flannel shirt, and wear this as a dress with thigh high leather or velvet boots. If it is cold outside, the trench coat will come to your ultimate rescue.

Beach babe

The flannel shirt can be your sporty and smarty take on the beach cover up. Drape an oversized flannel shirt over your bikini, and enjoy the pool parties and beach outings with a sultry and cutting edge demeanor.

Make it sexy

You can go for a sexy, yet casual flannel look. Just pair the flannel shirt with the tight fitted denim cut off, and tie a hairband with sneakers.

4 Ways To Look More Manly In Cool Flannel Shirts!

4 Ways To Look More Manly In Cool Flannel Shirts!

Although it is said that “clothes don’t make a man” but it certainly makes a man manlier, don’t you agree? Well, you can find some designs and colours that are particularly tagged as more “feminine” and there are clothes which are meant only for men. Now that winter has arrived, flannel has started to grab the spotlight.

Flannel shirts have always been a favourite among men and you can’t deny that it can add more masculinity to a man’s appearance. If you are clueless and can’t decide how to wear your flannel shirts, then here are four ways you can look manlier with a plaid flannel shirt. Check these out!

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1. Wear A Red And Black Button Down Flannel Shirt With Grey Tee Underneath:

Among the gallery of flannel shirts, what’s most common is the red and black colour combination. This is the most classic version of plaid flannel which still has its panache unspoiled. So, if you wish to look manlier in the flannel outfit, then pair up your red and black plaid shirt with a grey short-sleeve t-shirt. Wear it over the grey t-shirt and keep the front buttons open. This look will make you appear more masculine and attractive. If you have well-built muscles, then a thin layer of long sleeve flannel shirt will simply accentuate your biceps.

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2. Put On A Green Flannel Shirt In A Formal Way:

Do you think flannel shirt cannot be a formal clothing option? Try out a green plaid flannel shirt and button it up fully, including the collar buttons. The buttoned up cool flannel shirts will look much more appealing and formal. As dark green is an elegant hue, you can simply wear it to your workplace. Just do one more thing! Tuck the shirt in your pants, and you are ready rock the interview.

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3. Wear A Grey Flannel Shirt With Beige Bottoms:

Creating a casual look with flannel shirts men is simple and fun. If you want to look casual yet chic, opt for a grey flannel shirt and pair it up with beige pants. For added warmth, you can layer a white t-shirt under the flannel shirt and button it up.

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4. Cardigan Over White Flannel Is An In-Thing:

Do you want to utilize your cardigan this winter? The Manliest way to wear a cardigan is to put it on a flannel shirt. Yes, choose a black and white flannel shirt and wear it under your grey cardigan. The opening in the front will add a sheer touch of unparalleled chic.

Own Fall/Winter Season’s IT Wardrobe Essential, Minus Lumberjack-look!

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Are flannel shirts a trend again? Or not?…Or is it? Well, frankly, nobody cares! Every guy is bound to don the plaid shirt, if not regularly then at least occasionally, during the fall and winter seasons. There is simply no two ways about it! But yes, the main concern that contemporary gents usually have with a flannel shirt is that whether they would end up looking like a punk, hipster or a lumberjack! But that’s all in the head, really. Plaid shirts look great, they’re versatile, so soft and comfortable while lending this gentle warmth to wearers but for those dapper men, who have been a cat afraid to step into water but likes fish nonetheless, we have some great tips to help you embrace the plaid trend in a more put-together way.

You Do Know That Red is Not the Color, Right?

‘Lumberjack’ would inadvertently make you think of a guy with unkempt beard, bulky physique wearing a plaid shirt with little or a lot of red in the pattern. But if you are trying to avoid that look altogether, then you can just avoid red flannel shirts or choose one with minimal use of red. Plaids today are available in such great color combinations such as greens, blues, oranges, black, and grey that it a no-brainer, really!

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Do Take Care of the Fit!

The importance of the fit cannot be harped enough. No matter what garment piece you are wearing, each item ought to be of the perfect fit otherwise you would end up looking slouchy, no matter what you do. For wearing flannels year-round, go for lightweight, cotton ones and for the fall and winter season, look for mid weight to heavyweight wool and fleece flannel to stay protected from the cold, chilly winds. Choose a shirt that provides a flattering fit and avoid those with extra fabric around the torso.

Exploit Its Layering Potential

A men flannel shirt is such a multipurpose piece of clothing that it can be worn with everything that is hanging in your wardrobe! It looks great on its own paired up with denims, shorts or chinos but since you are trying to avoid the whole hipster, lumberjacky look then layer it up. Look cool by wearing a white, casual tee inside and keeping the buttons open or for a more sophisticated appeal, wear it with a sleeveless, quilted jacket or a peacoat.

Move the Plaid Off of the Center Stage Altogether

If you are only looking for comfort and prefer a preppier aesthetic, then wear the plaid shirt under a crew neck sweater. Choose a sweater whose color is complementary to the flannel shirt.

There…now you have no more reasons not to wear plaid! Place bulk order and re-stock with the hottest and latest styles of flannel shirts in neutral to distinct colors.

Everything You Must Know about Men’s Flannel Shirts

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There’s something about flannel which has been eluding us for centuries. From Moses to today’s men, the popularity of plaid shirts haven’t faded in years. Rather, it has been the comfort factor as well as the trendy design, that keeps men hooting for this classic lumberjack fashion. Wear it with distressed denim jeans, shorts or chinos, there are certain facts and factors that you cannot miss out about the fabric. Read on to know.


Biblical Connection Of This Fabric, Retold In History

According to believers, when Pharaoh’s daughter, Bithia, rescued Moses from the well, he was wrapped in flannel. After that Moses took his plaid robe wherever he went, be it grazing the sheep or claiming his freedom from Egypt. Though some assume it to be stripes, instead of flannel, it is still legit. To say that the deliverer of the Hebrews got himself clad in flannel robe, it seems to be a good bet for anyone who wishes to give their flannel shirts a try.

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Reflects Masculine Charm

The classic lumberjack style, reminding us of the famous American pop star Kurt Cobain, weaves a cult of the masculine charms. You can team up a green and black tartan shirt with ripped denim jeans to channel the rough and tough rocker attitude. The manufacturing hubs are erupting with innovative choices in a melange of colors like olive green, red, blue, black and white as well as with catchy patterns that make the shoulders look broader and are perfect to impart an off-duty look that can match up to your masculine stance.

Retailers can also extend their stocks with these shirts and contact a reputed wholesale manufacturer of mens flannel shirts australia to place their orders in bulk.

Warm Yet Oh-So Cool

In the cold months of winter there is nothing better than flannel which can warp you up in snug fit by trapping your body heat inside its mesh inlays while allowing your skin pores to breathe. However, plaid shirts can be found in lightweight materials too that are perfect to be worn for warm Summer and Spring days.

Affordable For Limited Budget

Since shirts are the backbone of every wardrobe, who would not like some shirts that are not only stylish and comfortable but also come within a flexible budget. Unlike the lavish dress shirts, the tartan ones literally appear flexible for your limited budget and do not end up burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, these hipster-inspired outfits do not hurt your economy even in the global recession, rather notch up your uber-cool quotient, no matter however and wherever you are wearing them.

History And Growth Of Flannel Shirts : Style Tips To Get Perfection

History And Growth Of Flannel Shirts : Style Tips To Get Perfection

The pervasive and trendy flannel shirts have been the wardrobe staple since a long time, and just like your button down white shirts, or the classic blue washed denim, the black coat, your cannot do away without the flannel shirt. A rescuer during any casual outings, flannel plaid shirts, quintessentially of the 90’s are the style quotients for many, and your closet is not complete without them. Be it the tartan plaid, madras, gingham or something else, it is important of have them in two three check and color patterns. Transcending decades, genders, classes and other barriers, the grunge special plaid flannels once made famous by Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and other musicians, have become the most exciting and popular fashion statements of today’s times.


In the 1850’s, the Pennsylvania-based Woolrich Woolen Mills had first introduced the buffalo prints plaid flannel shirts in red and black, which was comfy for the fall and the button down structure definitely became fashionable. It was mainly in the 1940’s when plaid flannel became the mainstream fashion stance and it became the dressing essential for men and women ion the weekends. We can never forget how celeb Marilyn Monroe made it a rang by sporting it causally again and again. Other than her, it was Daisy’s hot denim shorts and knotted plaid shirts in the television show The Dukes of Hazard, which made the shirts a sexy and sensuous style appeal. Among men, George Clooney made his appearance on the world of television wearing plaid shirts.

It was in the 1990’s when the grunge spirit of plaid flannel shirts began, and music band like Nirvana flaunted them through their members and in their videos. The history of plaid shirts though have changed again and again, today the plaid shirts have made it to the mainstream fashion world be it the college going crowd or the homemakers, and the office goers, the plaid shirts crafted by the reputed flannel shirt UK companies is definitely witnessed everywhere. If you are looking to wear plaid flannel shirts for the first time and wondering what to follow before buying them, we have got you covered with few of the basic tips and ideas.

Get The Right Color

Plaid flannel shirts being a complete fashion craze now have been crafted in a wide array of color options and it is up to you on which style definition you would want. For the traditions plaid flannel shirt grunge look, try out the muted and neutral hues like navy, red, grey and white or black and for the quirky voguish vibes, the neon’s and brighter hues with tinge of black would be fine.

Try Materials According To Weather Conditions

Flannel shirts always doesn’t mean the warm and cozy fabric, you can change them to different materials like the sheer-cotton, lightweight and mixture of synthetic flannels. This will help you wear them all year around.

Think About The Patterns And Prints

Fro larger checks to smaller, the flannel plaids have a lot of little details in patterns , sizes and background colors which can be opted for to deck yourself up in unique style essences every time.

Go For Tailored Fits

The over sized ones won’t give you the grungy appeal, rather the tailored to perfection plaid shirts crafted by the top-notch flannel shirts Canada manufacturing companies will help you get the right silhouette easily.

Few Ways For Boys And Girls To Deck Up In Flannel Shirts

Be it fall or spring, there are few style quotients which never goes out of the global fashion scene, such are flannel shirts. Known for warmth and high-quality comfort fused with the essence of classic plaids , there can never be any substitute for flannels. Now you might be thinking that checks are quite monotonous and they no more have any freshness to deliver, but what if we say that the celebs and run way models have been giving the fashion forward crowd the most head turning style ideas to do them with perfection? Also, there are stunning collections of these outfits in the retail stores which are getting crafted by the top-notch flannel shirts wholesale companies to entice the flannel aficionados in the market.

If you are thinking on how to wrap around new definitions of style with flannel shirts, we will get you covered with style tips

Style Makes a Gentleman

It has always been a stereotypical notion that fashion is for women, but why shall girls have all the fun? With the evolution of the global fashion industry, men are no longer lagging behind to embrace a medley of style mantras . How to do this with flannel shirts? Scroll down for your answers:

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1. Blazers: The Grown up Costumes

Office scene aren’t complete without blazer and a suited up look. But it is time to break off the monotony , and try a flannel plaid patterned shirt instead. With a blazer? Yes, Get hold of a navy blue single buttoned blazer, and layer it one a black and white flannel shirt, tucked into a grey trousers and brown loafers! Sounds interesting? We bet it is lot more!

2. Rock the Streets with Smartness Redefined

You might be thinking for a road trip with friends next weekend? Let’s give your street smart fashion a much required makeover with a funky flannel shirt. Instead of moto jacket and tattered denims, team up a red and black checked flannel shirt with a black bomber jacket, tucked into a beige chino pant with tapered bottom for a casual stance! Not to forget on the white sneakers for a peppy finesse.

3. Night Around the Town Shenanigans

Rock your Saturday nights with music and dance, but refrain from committing any fashion crime! Trash all your worries because a multicoloured plaid flannel shirt will help you here, with denim jacket, crisp denim pants , beanie cap and the chukka boots to add prep and elegance!

Women don’t do fashion, they are fashion

Women has a timeless connection with fashion , and this never ending bond can be rendered an edge with flannel shirts as the flannel shirts Australia companies have introduced wide arrays of them exclusive for the fashion conscious girls.

plaid flannel shirt women

1. Feminine Silhouette at Date Night

Make a difference at your date night with a spunky flannel shirt and a leather pencil skirt on your date night!

2. Cool Vibes at Shopping

On a street shopping spree? Hit the roads with a tee and rugged denims and tie a dark colored flannel shirt around the waist for a very appeasing look.

3. Poised Party Planner

Rock your weekend parties no more in dresses but carry off a cool and sexy outlook with a shimmering tee, leather leggings, and definitely a red flannel shirt layered from above.