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Own Fall/Winter Season’s IT Wardrobe Essential, Minus Lumberjack-look!

Are flannel shirts a trend again? Or not?…Or is it? Well, frankly, nobody cares! Every guy is bound to don the plaid shirt, if not regularly then at least occasionally, during the fall and winter seasons. There is simply no two ways about it! But yes, the main concern that contemporary gents usually have with a flannel shirt is that whether they would end up looking like a punk, hipster or a lumberjack! But that’s all in the head, really. Plaid shirts look great, they’re versatile, so soft and comfortable while lending this gentle warmth to wearers but for those dapper men, who have been a cat afraid to step into water but likes fish nonetheless, we have some great tips to help you embrace the plaid trend in a more put-together way.

You Do Know That Red is Not the Color, Right?

‘Lumberjack’ would inadvertently make you think of a guy with unkempt beard, bulky physique wearing a plaid shirt with little or a lot of red in the pattern. But if you are trying to avoid that look altogether, then you can just avoid red flannel shirts or choose one with minimal use of red. Plaids today are available in such great color combinations such as greens, blues, oranges, black, and grey that it a no-brainer, really!

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Do Take Care of the Fit!

The importance of the fit cannot be harped enough. No matter what garment piece you are wearing, each item ought to be of the perfect fit otherwise you would end up looking slouchy, no matter what you do. For wearing flannels year-round, go for lightweight, cotton ones and for the fall and winter season, look for mid weight to heavyweight wool and fleece flannel to stay protected from the cold, chilly winds. Choose a shirt that provides a flattering fit and avoid those with extra fabric around the torso.

Exploit Its Layering Potential

A men flannel shirt is such a multipurpose piece of clothing that it can be worn with everything that is hanging in your wardrobe! It looks great on its own paired up with denims, shorts or chinos but since you are trying to avoid the whole hipster, lumberjacky look then layer it up. Look cool by wearing a white, casual tee inside and keeping the buttons open or for a more sophisticated appeal, wear it with a sleeveless, quilted jacket or a peacoat.

Move the Plaid Off of the Center Stage Altogether

If you are only looking for comfort and prefer a preppier aesthetic, then wear the plaid shirt under a crew neck sweater. Choose a sweater whose color is complementary to the flannel shirt.

There…now you have no more reasons not to wear plaid! Place bulk order and re-stock with the hottest and latest styles of flannel shirts in neutral to distinct colors.

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