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Everything You Must Know about Men’s Flannel Shirts

There’s something about flannel which has been eluding us for centuries. From Moses to today’s men, the popularity of plaid shirts haven’t faded in years. Rather, it has been the comfort factor as well as the trendy design, that keeps men hooting for this classic lumberjack fashion. Wear it with distressed denim jeans, shorts or chinos, there are certain facts and factors that you cannot miss out about the fabric. Read on to know.

Biblical Connection Of This Fabric, Retold In History

According to believers, when Pharaoh’s daughter, Bithia, rescued Moses from the well, he was wrapped in flannel. After that Moses took his plaid robe wherever he went, be it grazing the sheep or claiming his freedom from Egypt. Though some assume it to be stripes, instead of flannel, it is still legit. To say that the deliverer of the Hebrews got himself clad in flannel robe, it seems to be a good bet for anyone who wishes to give their flannel shirts a try.

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Reflects Masculine Charm

The classic lumberjack style, reminding us of the famous American pop star Kurt Cobain, weaves a cult of the masculine charms. You can team up a green and black tartan shirt with ripped denim jeans to channel the rough and tough rocker attitude. The manufacturing hubs are erupting with innovative choices in a melange of colors like olive green, red, blue, black and white as well as with catchy patterns that make the shoulders look broader and are perfect to impart an off-duty look that can match up to your masculine stance.

Retailers can also extend their stocks with these shirts and contact a reputed wholesale manufacturer of mens flannel shirts australia to place their orders in bulk.

Warm Yet Oh-So Cool

In the cold months of winter there is nothing better than flannel which can warp you up in snug fit by trapping your body heat inside its mesh inlays while allowing your skin pores to breathe. However, plaid shirts can be found in lightweight materials too that are perfect to be worn for warm Summer and Spring days.

Affordable For Limited Budget

Since shirts are the backbone of every wardrobe, who would not like some shirts that are not only stylish and comfortable but also come within a flexible budget. Unlike the lavish dress shirts, the tartan ones literally appear flexible for your limited budget and do not end up burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, these hipster-inspired outfits do not hurt your economy even in the global recession, rather notch up your uber-cool quotient, no matter however and wherever you are wearing them.

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