5 ways to wear a flannel shirt that will impress women

flannel shirt outfits

Do you have zero luck with the ladies? Maybe the problem is not you but how you dress. Come one, if you want to act oblivious to the fact that your appearance has an impression on the ladies, then you are wrong dude. Your clothes, your hair, your shoes are definite indicators of your personal preference. And till now, it seems you have maxed out on all the trends with no success.But maybe it is not the traditional trend that you need to master. Maybe you need something that has been charming ladies for long and enhancing men’s wardrobe for long. Yes, you guessed it right. A flannel shirt! You know with all its versatility and charm, it can elevate any appearance. So how do you wear a flannel shirt that promotes your look to be more impressive to the ladies? Keep reading, you will find the answers listed here below.


  • Get the double flannel game on by teaming two flannel shirts together. All you need to get this look right are two complementing flannel shirts, precisely one in yellow and blue and the other in green and blue. Complete the look with a pair of jeans, military boots in tan and an indomitable attitude. You can also wear a white t-shirt if it gets too cold outside. For a sexier appeal, tie one of the shirts around your waist and look classy.
  • Manufacturers of the wholesale shirt have tweaked the classy flannel shirt that imitates a jacket with a zip to complete the unique appeal. So wear your solid white tee inside and throw over the jacket casually, to look effortlessly cool. A pair of black trousers that gives a peak of your ankles completed with a pair of loafers will get you going.
  • If you want to get in the Christmas mood, then opt for the brightest red plaid shirt you have in your wardrobe and team it with a pair of jeans (rolled towards the ankle). To balance the red, pick a graphic tee and a quilted sleeveless jacket. Wear a pair of bright red sneakers for that jolly Christmas appearance that will definitely help you make a stellar impression on the ladies.
  • Nothing can beat the leather jacket-flannel shirt combination. It is meant to slay all the onlookers and guess what, it spares none. Wear a dark flannel shirt with a black textured leather jacket. Complete the ensemble with a pair of denim and white plimsolls to stand out in the crowd. Keep the rest of the attire simple to keep the classy sophistication intact. (And also if you want to look like a good boy gone bad, this is the combo that will get you going).
  • Since it is winter, an overcoat is a must of almost all ensembles. So why not try it out with your flannel shirt? For a flawless appearance, pick a dark flannel button down and the overcoat should be textured in camouflage. Replace your jean with a pair of dark chinos and loafers for footwear to perfect the smart-casual look.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to impress ladies around you with your style and charm, a flannel shirt is your arsenal.

Manufacturers of men flannel shirts have every type of flannel shirt displayed in their catalog that can be purchased by the retailers in bulk at prices which are discounted.

The Creative Feminine Ways to Look Drop-Dead Gorgeous in Men’s Flannel Shirts

Women can look stunning in men's flannel shirts

The flannel shirts have come a long way from being a cowboy or grunge style attire for men. And have garnered the attention of the mainstream fashion scenario. Women have grown a fetish to wear them for different occasions, exuding a smart appeal that is different from the extremely girlie looks. Be it for the weekend errands in layered manner. The parties with leather pants or to the beach as cover ups. You will never run out of options to style these super funky and classic plain flannel shirts.

Just when you thought that you are running out of fresh new ideas to wear the wholesale womens flannel shirts this summer, the retail stores have come up with the boyfriend flannel shirts that are sluggish, oversized and slouchy, lending an ill fitted casual spunk. You can wear them in different manners, be it as a dress or as a jacket, and end up looking refreshing and stunning.

Thus, it is a lot like wearing the bulk men’s flannel shirts with confidence and oomph, with a tinge of feminine charm.

Wholesale Boyfriend Stolen Cool Flannel Shirts

The skinny way

The boyfriend flannel shirts for women are ill fitted, and come in oversized silhouettes. Hence, if you are looking for a sexy and toned look, you have to experiment with the bottom wear. And add some accessories to get the desired look. For everyday outings, you can get a very idea look without adding to the sluggish feel by wearing the flannel shirts with skinny jeans, boots, and a belt cinched over the shirt on the waist. Keep the sleeves rolled up for a funky stance.

Wholesale Cool Flannel Shirts For Women In Blue And Orange

The manly demeanour

To get a fresh new manly ensemble, you can put on the flannel men’s shirt and add the sassy cargo pant with numerous pockets to this. To get some hotness quotient, just toe up the shirt at the bottom, and crop it up to show off the midriff perfectly in a confident way.

Turn it into a mini dress for sunny days

Off to a brunch outing or lunch date on the sunny weekend? If you are in a way to be creative and try a sweet and sexy charming feminine look. The flannel plaid shirts will do wonders. Turn it into a strapless mini sundress by some simple steps.

  • Button up the shirts without putting the sleeves on.

  • Twist the sleeves and put them in a criss- cross manner around your back.

  • Get them on the front and tie a little pretty knot.

Wholesale Skylark Cool Flannel Shirts

Go back to the 90’s

Get a very spunky and hipster retro look with the plaid flannel shirts as you use a pair of suspenders to be clipped on to the shirts, and wear it half tucked for a very smart feel. Add the sneakers to complete this look with a finishing edge. Wear this with a wide bottomed denim trouser.

Red Fitted Plaid Flannel Shirt Wholesale

Go formal

If you are a working woman, going short of ideas to dress up regularly for office is a regular affair. For this, the flannel shirts can come to your rescue. You just have to tuck it into a very plain and monochromatic high waist pencil skirt, with a sleek or broad belt added as a perfect accessory.

Party all night

Tuck the shirt into a palazzo, and wear the shirt above a bodice or tank tee. Also, add the long shimmering neckpiece for the a preppy, classy look!

Thus, time to check the flannel stores to get the boyfriend flannel shirts in bulk at affordable rates.

Wholesale Flannel Shirt Purchase and Style Tips All Male Buyers Must Know

best wholesale mens flannel shirts
Almost all ladies around the world would fondly agree that men and flannel often make an irresistible pair. Custom flannel shirts thus, are very popular with men these days and perhaps, make the best and the most comfortable addition to trend friendly wardrobes. However, it is also necessary to know that enlightenment about these shirts is the best way to invite authentic options to one’s wardrobe while maintaining a safe distance from counterfeit numbers.

Following are 5 tips that can help buyers land with the best wholesale mens flannel shirts; decisions that are not likely to be regretted later…

All flannel shirts are not lumberjack numbers

Speaking of flannel, the first thing that comes to mind is the classic lumberjack plaid which is in fact a timeless piece that can leave anyone awestruck with its raw outdoor charm and simplicity. However, this is not the only option that you can avail. Motivated manufacturers and stores these days have introduced a range of sublimate prints and patters in mono tone pastels or bold solid colors that are equally charming as their classic counterpart.

Wholesale Sun Flux Blue Check Flannel Shirt

Flannels are great as casual wear options; but they can be carried to offices as well

While it is true that flannel shirts are incomparable when it comes to casual clothing, it would be good to know that they can be carried to formal places like offices as well. All you need to do is choose the right design, color and checks, and the rest will fall in place.

Frozen Blue and Green Check Shirts Wholesale

Choosing the right flannel is important

There are different types of flannel fabrics each of which offer a different feel to the wearers. Checking the nature of the fabric is necessary before choosing your shirt. At present, you can choose from wool flannel and worsted cotton, in plain or twill weave depending upon the feel you prefer to embrace.

Ombre Flannel Shirts Wholesale

The source of your flannel shirts will determine its longevity and quality

Whether men’s shirts of bulk boy’s flannel shirts , you can determine the quality and longevity of your chosen options by the name and reputation of the manufacturers of the same. More often than not, reputed motivated manufacturers live up to the assurance of authenticity that they guarantee in their products.

Price matter

Lastly, it is necessary to know that good quality flannel is never available at dirt cheap prices. While it is true that the fabric is cheaper than many other luxury materials, the prices can still hit anywhere from 35$ and up depending upon the brand and manufacturer.

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring comes with new hopes, aspirations, and definitely a fresh new collection of outfits to be added to your wardrobe! Be it the glamorous women or the hunky men, you need to change your look in the transition period from winter to summer, with lots of colors brightness and preppy clothes and accessories. You can spurge into the spring special collections at the online fashion hubs to get your preferred outfits, that too at reasonable prices. From comfort to light weight feel to the stylistic details they carry, you need to be minutely taking a note of everything. Spring is not about the sloppy jackets, or the slouchy silhouettes, you need to be more toned and look absolutely dapper and vivacious.

From the easy breeze outerwears, to lots of pink to be added to your closet, the light knitwear and definitely the grunge special best flannel shirts, you have a an array of endless options to try out this year. Here are some of the style definitions to try out with these outfits.

The easy breezy light outerwears

The spring is a season when you might suddenly feel cold, and for this the easy breezy and light weight jackets and coats will come to your rescue. Wear them with the formal shirts to office, or with tee to the causal outings and even to the gyms sessions. Granting perfect layering options, they come in a medley of cuts, shapes, colors and designs. From bombers to sweat jackets to the windcheaters, you get everything to try on.

Classic Flannel Sweatshirt

Vary the stripes

Be it the vertical stripes or the horizontal ones, the striped clothes are reigning supreme, and you can get them in the form of shirts or the trousers and even the tees. Lay your hands on the ones that come in different color options, to give you the most exquisite silhouettes.

Pink and Blue Duotone Shirt

Add pink

The menswear, especially for spring has been turning to the color pink. Go for the pink colored outfits, from the shirts to jackets, suits and much more. The soothing pink color will be a good choice for the sunny spring mornings.

Get punked

The graphic tees worn with the distressed jeans look great for the spring, and wear them with the colourful sneakers or boots to get the right punk attitude. From the slip and cropped ones, to the slouchy tattered trousers, you can try anything that suits you perfectly.

Greenish Blue and Black Checked Flannel Shirt

The grunge style

Yes, the old days are back and the grunge style is witnessed to be revived by the celebs and models. Try out the flannel outfits, especially the shirts that come with different plaid patterns in a variety of colors. Wear them with the denims or the chinos, and look absolutely smart with a retro edge with the contemporary twist. Also, use them as the layering options to be added to the simple graphic and plain tees.

Thus, from flannel for men to the pink outfits and outerwears, make sure to experiment this spring!

4 Ways To Look More Manly In Cool Flannel Shirts!

4 Ways To Look More Manly In Cool Flannel Shirts!

Although it is said that “clothes don’t make a man” but it certainly makes a man manlier, don’t you agree? Well, you can find some designs and colours that are particularly tagged as more “feminine” and there are clothes which are meant only for men. Now that winter has arrived, flannel has started to grab the spotlight.

Flannel shirts have always been a favourite among men and you can’t deny that it can add more masculinity to a man’s appearance. If you are clueless and can’t decide how to wear your flannel shirts, then here are four ways you can look manlier with a plaid flannel shirt. Check these out!

Skippy Cool Red Flannel Shirt

1. Wear A Red And Black Button Down Flannel Shirt With Grey Tee Underneath:

Among the gallery of flannel shirts, what’s most common is the red and black colour combination. This is the most classic version of plaid flannel which still has its panache unspoiled. So, if you wish to look manlier in the flannel outfit, then pair up your red and black plaid shirt with a grey short-sleeve t-shirt. Wear it over the grey t-shirt and keep the front buttons open. This look will make you appear more masculine and attractive. If you have well-built muscles, then a thin layer of long sleeve flannel shirt will simply accentuate your biceps.

Sheen Green Cool Flannel Shirt

2. Put On A Green Flannel Shirt In A Formal Way:

Do you think flannel shirt cannot be a formal clothing option? Try out a green plaid flannel shirt and button it up fully, including the collar buttons. The buttoned up cool flannel shirts will look much more appealing and formal. As dark green is an elegant hue, you can simply wear it to your workplace. Just do one more thing! Tuck the shirt in your pants, and you are ready rock the interview.

Pumped Ally Flannel Shirt

3. Wear A Grey Flannel Shirt With Beige Bottoms:

Creating a casual look with flannel shirts men is simple and fun. If you want to look casual yet chic, opt for a grey flannel shirt and pair it up with beige pants. For added warmth, you can layer a white t-shirt under the flannel shirt and button it up.

Twill Cool Flannel Shirt

4. Cardigan Over White Flannel Is An In-Thing:

Do you want to utilize your cardigan this winter? The Manliest way to wear a cardigan is to put it on a flannel shirt. Yes, choose a black and white flannel shirt and wear it under your grey cardigan. The opening in the front will add a sheer touch of unparalleled chic.

4 Golden Rules On How To Dress In Your 30’s: A La Star Inspiration!

Every man in his 20s undergoes an experimental phase when everything has to challenged and defied. The same rule applies when it comes to fashion for men. But as time passes by and you enter your 30s, the quirky pieces duly find their way back to the dark corners of the closet.

Dressing in the 30s is all about finding a perfect fit and flaunting the aesthetics. Your wardrobe should inevitably consist of simple yet powerful fashion pieces. Well fitted shirts, tailored trousers, personalized suits should be your pick for almost all occasions. Even if you want to opt for something more spontaneous, being mindful of the colours is necessary. So today here is a comprehensive list that draws clothing inspiration from three British celebrities in their 30s.

Benedict Cumberbatch

  1. From playing the enigmatic detective Sherlock Holmes to the powerful superhero Doctor Strange, Benedict Cumberbatch is talented and has proved his acting skills. But it is his repeated appearances in public wearing sharp suits that has raised eyebrows and made women skip their heart beat. From flannel jackets to solid blazers, Cumberbatch, a 39 year old man definitely poses as a competition to the younger stars.

Chiwetel Ejiofor

  1. Even at 38, Chiwetel Ejiofor definitely knows how to dress appropriately and look effortless. He is stunning on the screen, but his off screen appearances is surely one to take inspiration from. He plays in the darker shades and modest textures that complement his chiselled physique. If you are in your 30s looking for some major fashion inspiration, then this stunning actor is your go-to-person.

Eddie Redmayne

  1. With numerous awards under his belt, Eddie Redmayne, at 33, is a sight to behold. He makes ladies go weak on their knees with his charming smile and dazzling eyes. This talented actor looks really great in his casual endeavours but when wearing suits, he looks a class apart. He too like his fellow countrymen likes wearing solid colours that gives his aesthetics a more defined appearance.

Now, drawing inspiration from these wonderful actors, these four rules should be followed by the men who are in their 30s. Read on and find out more.

  • Understand the clothes that actually work for you. So if its shirts, wear shirts. If you are a casual t-shirt fan, then settle for it. Having a rocking collection of clothes is what matters when you are already reaching the post 20s stage.
  • Suits should be the backbone of your closet and your personal style. Increasing your options once you enter 30s is pivotal. Invest in good materials, bold colours, and smart patterns. If they come in tailored fit, they will only make you appear nifty.
  • Men’s flannels shirts looks extremely classy on the middle aged men. The sturdy build of flannel gives them a smart appearance, while the plaid pattern adds volumes to the characters. In fact teaming them with a pair of jeans will make up the perfect casual Friday wear.
  • Invest more on stand out pieces. This is the time when you have gained enough experience and gave a subtle view towards life. So add such items in your wardrobe which is going to last a lifetime. Reflecting your personal thoughts through your clothes is the key to shine through. Trench coats, a pair of oxfords, flannel shirts, a messenger bags can be great investments during this age.

So make a worthy style statement that is definitive and complete. You are surely to shine through for your fabulous choice of garments. Many prominent manufacturers have gathered clothes that range from basic solid clothes to flannel clothing Perth. They are designed to perfection and can be purchased in bulk by the retailers who are looking to update their store collection.

Everything You Must Know about Men’s Flannel Shirts

men in flannel shirts

There’s something about flannel which has been eluding us for centuries. From Moses to today’s men, the popularity of plaid shirts haven’t faded in years. Rather, it has been the comfort factor as well as the trendy design, that keeps men hooting for this classic lumberjack fashion. Wear it with distressed denim jeans, shorts or chinos, there are certain facts and factors that you cannot miss out about the fabric. Read on to know.


Biblical Connection Of This Fabric, Retold In History

According to believers, when Pharaoh’s daughter, Bithia, rescued Moses from the well, he was wrapped in flannel. After that Moses took his plaid robe wherever he went, be it grazing the sheep or claiming his freedom from Egypt. Though some assume it to be stripes, instead of flannel, it is still legit. To say that the deliverer of the Hebrews got himself clad in flannel robe, it seems to be a good bet for anyone who wishes to give their flannel shirts a try.

flannel shirt uk

Reflects Masculine Charm

The classic lumberjack style, reminding us of the famous American pop star Kurt Cobain, weaves a cult of the masculine charms. You can team up a green and black tartan shirt with ripped denim jeans to channel the rough and tough rocker attitude. The manufacturing hubs are erupting with innovative choices in a melange of colors like olive green, red, blue, black and white as well as with catchy patterns that make the shoulders look broader and are perfect to impart an off-duty look that can match up to your masculine stance.

Retailers can also extend their stocks with these shirts and contact a reputed wholesale manufacturer of mens flannel shirts australia to place their orders in bulk.

Warm Yet Oh-So Cool

In the cold months of winter there is nothing better than flannel which can warp you up in snug fit by trapping your body heat inside its mesh inlays while allowing your skin pores to breathe. However, plaid shirts can be found in lightweight materials too that are perfect to be worn for warm Summer and Spring days.

Affordable For Limited Budget

Since shirts are the backbone of every wardrobe, who would not like some shirts that are not only stylish and comfortable but also come within a flexible budget. Unlike the lavish dress shirts, the tartan ones literally appear flexible for your limited budget and do not end up burning a hole in your pocket. Moreover, these hipster-inspired outfits do not hurt your economy even in the global recession, rather notch up your uber-cool quotient, no matter however and wherever you are wearing them.

Classic Men’s Flannel Shirts with the Rugged Variation- the New in of This Fall

One would think with all the new custom varieties of flannel shirts for men in the market today, men’s fashion world was actually moving ahead. But in reality, the loyalty of the consumers still lies in those classic varieties of men’s flannel shirts varieties that are old school and have been wooing us for decades. The only change in this year’s trend though is that people are rooting for classic but rugged varieties.

What’s rugged in shirts rugged shirts are basically a faded variation- much like denims. They exude that rough, casual and tough feel- which unsurprisingly men have been over-loving this season.

men flannel shirt

Blend Of Ruggedness With Classic Flavor

Red-black combo, as well as blue-black, is the crowning king of flannel world the ultimate classic. These varieties are still very much popular. But many manufacturers are offering their robust variations today. Their colors are a bid faded and they have moderate to free fittings. The hemlines of these varieties are different and so is the size and dimension of their breast pockets. All this combines to give these shirts that rough and casual feel.

These black flannel clothing are the more-than-perfect wear for any informal occasion this is another reason why this variety has viral in men’s clothing department. Also they can get along just perfectly with another love of men- denim pants.

And that’s Not Just the Flannel Shirts

This trend of rugged variations of flannel is not just in the shirt’s department, but also in other flannel clothing items. Half sleeve shirts, vests, and even trousers- the demand of these varieties are high in all departments.

So if you’re a clothing business owner, maybe now’s the time to update your inventory. Contact a good manufacturer today and bulk up these varieties of flannel shirts for men. The trend in relatively new and seems to persist all through this year you can edge your competitors effortlessly.