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How to Pick Your Old Flannel With a New Fervour!

We all have that flannel shirt that is lying around in one corner of the cupboard.

But is there a way you could bring out that shirt, add it to your present style statement, and make it worth something?

Sure you can. In this blog, we are going to take a look at some of the ways in which you can add this old clothing into a new vibe! Let’s take a look at how:

1. Wear it like your boyfriend owns it

One of the many things that come with wholesale womens flannel shirts is the loose fitting – if you did buy it that way. Wearing the loose fitted vintage flannel with a bit of style and rolled up sleeves could make your style sense work wonders.

Wear it on top of a pair of distressed jeans will make your style statement hit the roof. It does not get better than this really!

Wholesale Flannel Shirts

2. Layer it with solid tees

Monochrome tees are a great way to get your summer wardrobe kicking and when you layer it with a vintage flannel shirt, you get even better at it.

Vintage flannel has an affinity when it comes to being layered with solid color tees, and when you do it right, this classic style is always going to add a lot of value to your style.

Solid tee layering is easy, and you do not even have to buy anything new to get it done!

3. The sleeveless flannel shirt

This one works extremely well with wholesale mens flannel shirts as well and it is going to give you the bad boy look you have always wanted. Sleeveless flannel shirts are perfect addition to any wardrobe, and you could get your old flannel shirt tailored sleeveless.

Wear it black or blue denims, trousers, khakis, or anything for that matter – it is still going to stick just like cake and butter.

These are the 3 ways in which you can totally utilize your old flannel shirt and make it into something new and exciting. It is easy, simple, and totally worth it to have a new look under your sleeve.

Why are you still waiting here? Get going to recreate your vintage flannel style!

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