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8 Voguish Flannel Shirt Outfits for the Trendy Women Out There!

The classic flannel is that casual and comfortable apparel that stands out as a stylish and versatile wardrobe staple for women. You can pair your trendy flannel shirt with anything you desire from jeans, to track pants, leggings, and even fancy gowns. Here are some of the ravishing outfits you can create with your comfy and chic flannel shirts.

1) With Sassy Leather Mini Skirt

Just like adding denim jacket to a dressy outfit, wearing a flannel shirt with fussier wardrobe pieces is a great way to bring them down to earth, and extend their wearability. A stylish leather skirt will bring out an ultra-chic look the moment you pair it with a blue checkered flannel shirt, a navy trench coat, and neat slip-on sneakers.

2) With Elegant Maxi Skirt

A cozy flannel shirt instantly makes a long, solid-colored maxi skirt outfit trendier. You can pull off this attire with sandals whilefor a colder climate, flat loafers or ankle boots are just what you need to look stunning!

3) Over a Cute Tee

For a snazzy yet classic look, wear your flannel unbuttoned over a tee. If you think that’s too main-stream for you, wear it over a tight t-shirt, unbutton it and tie it together at the middle to create a fashionable flannel statement!

4) Sexy Flannel Shirt Dress

If your flannel shirt is too long you can wear it like a dress. That’s the modern fashionista way to carry it! You can wear long boots with the flannel shirt dress to amplify the style of this voguish outfit.

ladies shirt

5) Flannel Shirt with Modish Leggings

A striking flannel shirt with leggings and long boots is the ultimate chic look that any fashion-forward woman will appreciate. Try it now to see how you turn heads in this sensational attire!

6) As Casual Jacket Over a Dress

Worn unbuttoned, a flannel shirt can serve as an iconic top layer. Think of layering it to dress down fancier outfits and make them wearable for more occasions. A stylish flannel shirt can turn out to be an unexpected jacket for layering over a fancy black dress for the evening.

cool flannel shirt

7) Flattering Flannel and Shorts Outfit

Flannel shirts look very stylish with shorts. It makes for a cute look that is effortlessly comfortable. This look becomes more happening if you put on a pair of sneakers!

8) Flannel Shirt Outfit for Winter

In winters you should always wear a flannel that is thick. Pair it with a hoodie and jeans and finish the chic look by wearing a coat or jacket over it.

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