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3 Ways and 3 Age Groups: The Stylish Impact of Flannel Shirts

Okay, so are you a fan of flannel? Do you think it is the best piece at this moment? Do you think your wardrobe is incomplete without a flannel shirt? Good, then you would also agree that a flannel shirt can be worn by kids as well. In fact, there is a 98% probability that they will pull it off better than you. However, not all age group should be wearing it the same way. So here is a small reference on how young boys belonging to different age groups can sport a flannel shirt. Keep reading to get a proper understanding of how to style flannel shirts.

The Tots:

Now this is the age group that includes all the tiny people. Preferably all aged four and less, these younglings can actually give you a run for the money. Their adorability is too endearing and when they are dressed in flannel, the glory is too hard to ignore. Pick a classic red tartan plaid button down and team it with a pair of dark blue jeans. Now keep in mind that it is freezing outside and your baby needs extra protection. Hence, a grey sweater is worn on top! A pair of brown boots and a charming smile, your son will be the center of all attention. Buy the best baby flannel shirt in the right fit from leading manufacturers.

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The Young Ones:

Including all the young ones between the age groups of 5 to 8, these superstars have a way of shinning out. They are oozing with bubbliness and activity, running around the place, enjoying themselves like there is no tomorrow. It is more difficult to dress them because you have to be mindful of choosing pieces that allow them free movement. A flawless ensemble for them would be a grey Henley tee; a pair of grey trousers and the red plaid flannel shirt throw on top casually. Socks, boots and a grey beanie will further give them a stylish yet adorable appearance. You can alter the grey pieces with black versions as well, but keep the color theme dark to make the dirt less noticeable.

The Young Adults:

This is the age group that knows fashion, understands fashion and probably even has a style sense stronger than yours. Aged 9 to 12, these kids are exposed to social media and have a deep comprehension of fashion. When it comes to flannel, you know it is in vogue right now and its high demand is reflected well in the ensembles put forth by the adults. The best way to use a flannel shirt for them would be to put it on top of a hoodie. This combination will keep them warm and comfortable. A pair of green trousers and white sneakers will further complete the look with panache undeniable.

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So, parents, what are you waiting for? Pick a flannel shirt and dress your lad. Let him shine through with bravura. Manufacturers of boys flannel shirts have the best pieces in their collection that can be purchased in bulk by the retailers. Special offers are available for bulk buyers.


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