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5 Reasons Why Flannel Pants are Back in Style!

Custom flannel pants had been on the rise this past festive season and people are back to donning this rugged fabric. It’s back and how!

However, to give you better insight into the world of fashion choices, we have brought you 5 reasons as to why flannel might never go out of style.

Night Jammies are Forever Love!

Winter nights couldn’t get more comfortable with flannel night jammies. They are warm, fuzzy, and bright (often chequered) – it’s like taking a nap wearing something like cat fur.

Flannel jammies are not just comfy but can also be daringly stylish, depending on the wearer. So, why not add a dash of panache while sleeping so that you look good enough to jump out of bed and get to starbucks with the outta bed look!

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The Corporate Choice

Flannel corporate pants are comfortable, durable, and look great in their fuzzy texture. It adds a different dynamic to your look, adding a tint of maturity when compared to regular trouser pants.

The best colors to go for in corporate flannel pants is grey, navy blue, and black!

Hipster Fashion

From chequered formal flannel pants to tapered ankle lengths, flannel is a hipsters go to fabric. It’s edgy and avant-garde in its own way, but doesn’t compromise on wearing comfort even for a minute.

On the plus side, it looks immensely unique from the smooth texture of regular trousers people are wearing. Also, hipsters generally pair tapered flannel pants with suspenders and check shirts with fastened collar buttons. Pairing them with broad framed glasses and a hat just completes the look on another level!

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Sport them with Casuals

Flannel pants aren’t just a good corporate option, they are a great casual variant too. With articles floating all over the internet on why flannel pants are better than jeans, it isn’t hard to find out why!

Wear them with boots, brogues, or sports sneakers and add a dash of vibrant color on top; you are all set for any occasion during your day!

Flannel Joggers

Even adding plenty of variation in athleisure clothing, nothing says cool better than flannel joggers. They look go easy, and are perfect for those looking to get their outta dorm look just right.

The check red flannel joggers is paired with a grey or blue tea, and it looks amazing.

And, these are just 5 reasons why these pants will never go outta style! If you look out on the internet, you will find many more!


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