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5 Rules of Wearing Hoodies, Men’s Inevitable Fashion Clothing Piece

Hoodies may have often been associated with the hip hop culture, but its current resurgence has seen the dawn of light. Over the years they are more and more becoming the most intelligent investment that’s giving this GenX new possibilities to do a fresh spin on their looks. Here are some tips laid down for you to help you get the perfect look with some hoodies.

Break It Down

Gone are the days when hoodies were limited to the reach of gym junkies, hipsters and renegade youth. Today with the evolution of their styles and colors they make for a prefect layering choice, from over a plain t-shirt to a well-fitted trench coat. Though hoodies have become a bit dressier over the years, they have never failed to retain the same fun and youthful charm within them. So it’s all about purchasing them in right shapes and sizes from mens clothing manufacturers and then layering it up well with other eye-catching numbers.

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Monochrome Isn’t Boring!

Going monochromatic does not always look dull and boring, rather it’s capable of lending a casual and quite funky charm to the wearer. White, black and grey are universally known to go with any occasion and mood and not to mention personality. So all you have to do is style it properly over a basic tee and keep the look as effortless as possible. However, if you do not want fall for the white and black chess board combination, then go a little experimental and try out mute shades like coral red, lemon yellow and powder blue amongst others. Now for a summer evening getaway, mix and match your white hoodie with a pair of dark denim jeans and sneaker or well-cut brogues to match with the right quotient of the former.

Consider Proper Fabric and Shape

A right quality fabric makes huge difference to your comfort as well as styling. While synthetic materials give an average feel, to rise above the average set your eyes on the ones with genuine cotton jersey that makes for a textile-win. Jersey fabric oozes out a soft and snug texture, protecting the product from unwanted creases and wrinkles. Another popular fabric of the season is neoprene which is designed like a wetsuit and renders a sportsluxe look to men in power. Now when it comes to picking the right shape, steer clear of the gangster type that renders an unwelcoming feel at the stomach. Instead, opt for the ones that sit perfectly on your torso and offer as much swag as any other luxury flannel jackets. Notheless, make sure that they come with proper hood compartments and clean-cut shoulders to work as a good layer before billing out for your favorite products from your online men’s clothing manufacturers.

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Turn to Hybrids

Forget regular styled hoodies and set your eyes on some quasi-blazer ones which are only best in terms of practical utility but also makes for a sophisticated look with its elegant pocket square. There are many shopping websites who are offering these posh sweatshirts and hoodies online. So get the ones that come with satin lining, paisley patterns and useful internal pockets and show it off like you would do with your unstructured blazer.

Layer as A Waistcoat

In cold climate layering is a must and when you are heading out for office, you will obviously look for something that’s formal. Well, forget what people say about hoodies. You can definitely wear a black or navy blue hoodies over your blazer or suit to look different from others and protected from the chills. To do it smartly pick a zip-up hoodie in neutral hue like grey or white and wear it over a tailored shirt and tie. For added comfort don an unstructured double breasted cotton-wool blazer in navy blue and team them up with cotton chino and you are in no time ready to hit the street. To rev up their stocks, retailers can also contact some of the most trustworthy mens clothing wholesalers online and bank on style-emblazoned hoodies in bulk.


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