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6 Iconic Flannel Shirt Colors Men Should Keep Watch For This Year!

Flannel shirts are a go-to outerwear for guys on casual and smart-casual occasions as these shirts offer warmth and style. Wondering which are the striking colors in flannel shirts for men? Then, keep reading to find out some of the most attractive flannel shirts and the cool ways for styling them to redefine your fashion stance. If you’re a retailer, looking for men’s flannel shirts to include in your outlet’s clothing section, do get in touch with a renowned flannel clothing in Australia manufacturer asap!

Youthful Red Flannel Shirt

Whenever you select a flannel shirt in red, opt for a shirt exhibiting prominent checks in black or blue instead of a plain one. Such a check patterned shirt that showcases a subdued tone of red is a dynamic outerwear to pair with a black tee, skinny black denim and boots for achieving a hot and handsome look!

Edgy Black Flannels

As in the case of red flannel shirts, a black flannel shirt can add grunge to your street outfit. Pick a snug black flannel shirt showcasing big and bold checks in white or grey that creates a monochromatic effect. If you wish to nail a rugged look, you can team your dapper black flannel with black jeans and white sneakers. For a sober appearance, you can partner a subtly printed black flannel with your dark blue denim.

Groovy Green Flannel Shirt

Green flannel shirts not only look unique but are also suitable for complementing various styles, particularly the lumberjack one. Combine your cozy green flannel featuring checks in navy or blue hues with blue jeans and brown suede boots to appear suave and trendy. This specific flannel color looks especially attractive on men with pale complexions.

Classy White Flannel

A flannel shirt in which white checks predominate is a stylish option in this category of shirts to lighten your ensemble and give it an elegant touch. Select a flannel shirt that has white as its base color and exhibits simple checks in grey, black or blue. You can partner this neutral-toned shirt with any bottom-wear to rev up your style quotient.

Smart Grey Flannel

A grey flannel shirt is a suave streetwear that’s specifically suitable for occasions that require you to look more refined than usual like for a lunch or to grab evening drinks. To make sure that your shirt is properly dressed up, go for one displaying minimal checks. Remember that distinctly large checks won’t be an appropriate choice for smart-casual meetings like these as they look more casual. Pair such a smooth-textured grey flannel shirt with chinos and finish this polished outfit with brogues.

Chic Brown Flannel Shirt

A flannel shirt in brown is a fine option in outerwear to add a warm feel to attires in autumn and the soft fabric lending coziness is also perfect for this season. If you’re shopping for brown flannels, choose either those exhibiting mellow camel tones or those portraying deep chocolate shades. In autumn, you can pair your brown flannel with cream chinos. In winter you can team them with black denim while in spring you can combine them with blue jeans to look happening.

As a business owner, interested to add men’s flannel shirts to your private label apparel collection, you should coordinate with a famed custom made flannel clothing supplier to stash up uber-cool flannel shirts for guys in latest color trends.

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