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A Quick Guide On How To Keep Your Flannel Shirts As Good As New For Years

The classic flannel lumberjack shirts are just as popular now as they were back in 70s. The flamboyance of Madras has been timeless in adding a pop of colour to spring wardrobes through decades. Let’s just say that flannel shirts never lose their charm are practically matchless and unbeatable when it comes to destroying evolutionary games in everyday fashion trends. Therefore, if you have a stock of flannel shirts and make them last for 10 good years, you will never have to worry about them going out of style.

The question that needs to be addressed though is how to make flannel per se, last as good as new for years. Manufacturers of men’s and wholesale women’s flannel shirts have made the first move to help wearers achieve this goal by developing better quality flannel that can retain their newness with optimum usage. However, given the fact that flannel as a fabric contains natural organic materials, decay of the same with time is part and parcel of the deal. The next best thing to do is to put in some extra effort in usage and maintenance which is assured to offer appreciable results.

Wholesale Women's Flannel Shirts

Washing is one of the first battles that you need to win in order to ensure that softness and newness of the shirts are not compromised. Almost all men’s and women’s flannel shirt manufacturers offer comprehensive guidelines for maintenance in the shirt labels. This is perhaps the easiest ways to keep your shirts in shape. For those that are attempting to wash / maintain flannel shirts or any other piece of flannel clothes for the first time, here are few quick tried and tested tips that can help in this direction…

# Never ever wash flannel in hot water. Water in room temperature or like warm water is recommended.
# You can hand wash flannel or machine wash your shirts preferably in gentle cycle.
# It is best when you drip dry your flannel than putting it through the dryer. This is because over drying can cause damage to the fabric and compromise its softness and newness.
# Manufacturers of wholesale women’s flannel shirts always recommend washing dark colours separately.
# Using very mild detergent is recommended for washing flannel. In fact, you can choose detergents that are specifically designed for delicate fabrics.
# You can use fabric softeners on flannel. However, it is best to use the same every alternate washes, given the fact that it can pile up on the fabric when overused.

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