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Must-Have 11 Best Flannel Shirts For Women In 2024 – Complete Guide

Every woman should have at least one flannel shirt in her closet. Flannels are not only warm and cozy, but they can also be styled in a million different ways. Ladies’ flannel shirts come in a variety of colors, styles, and more. Here is a guide to the best flannel shirts for women in 2024 that will help you look more cozy.

Purchasing Wholesale – Best USA-Made Flannel Shirts

If you buy the best women’s flannel shirts of 2024 from a wholesale clothing manufacturer, you can get the best deals on high-quality clothes. This means you can sell fashionable flannels that look good on a wide range of body types and still make a lot of money. When you work with a women’s flannel shirts wholesale manufacturer, you can make changes to the clothes so that you can sell unique flannel shirts under your brand name.

But before you place your first order of the best USA made flannel shirts, read on to find out which styles of women’s flannel shirts are selling well right now.

The Best Women’s Flannel Shirts of 2024

Best Flannel Shirts For Women This Year

1. Women’s Oversized Flannel Shirts

Women’s oversized flannel shirts are a must-have for curvier girls. Plus-size flannel shirts have lots of room and offer a relaxed fit throughout the body. They are also longer to provide full coverage.

2. Women’s Long Flannel Shirt

At the moment, women’s long flannel shirts are very popular. Long sleeve best flannel shirts for women USA look good on all body types. Women’s tall flannel shirts are great for tall women because they cover the whole upper body.

3. Petite Flannel Shirt for Women

Finding well-fitting ladies’ flannel shirts can be tricky for petite girls under 5’4”. But petite flannel shirts in proportional sizing are the perfect solution.

4. Women’s Fleece Lined Flannel Shirt

For ultimate cold-weather comfort, a women’s fleece-lined flannel shirt is the best choice. The soft fleece lining keeps you warm without taking away from the slim fit that looks good on most people.

5. Women’s Fitted Flannel Shirt

For a flattering, feminine twist on women’s classic flannel shirts, go for a fitted style designed just for the ladies. Women-fitted flannel shirts are always trending because they effortlessly highlight curves and are the best women’s flannel shirts for the fall.

6. Fleece Lined Flannel Shirt Women’s

On really cold days, when regular flannel just won’t do, try a fleece-lined flannel. The soft fleece lining keeps you warmer without taking away from the slim-fit style. Being one of the best flannel shirts for women in 2024, you will surely love these.

7. Maternity Flannel Shirts

Maternity flannel shirts are a must-have wardrobe staple for moms-to-be. The fabric of the women’s soft flannel shirts provides comfort as your belly grows, while the classic styling flatters and accentuates your new curves beautifully.

8. Cropped Flannel Shirt for Women

Cropped flannel shirts end inches above the waistline, putting a fresh feminine spin on the closet staple and making them one of the best flannel shirts for women in 2024.

9. Tunic Flannel Shirts for Women

A tunic flannel shirt is great when you want the look of flannel but don’t want the full length. The long but cropped hem of the women’s flannel tunic shirt looks good with shorts, jeans, or leggings.

10. Women’s Lightweight Flannel Shirts

As flannel shirts become a year-round wardrobe essential, the fabrics of women’s lightweight flannel shirts allow you to wear them in warmer weather. The best lightweight flannel shirts are a must-have for your retail store as consumers love them.

11. Women’s Sherpa Lined Flannel Shirt

Look for flannel styles that are lined with soft Sherpa fleece for the coziest feel possible. Due to its trending and high-end look, women’s sherpa-lined flannel is considered one of the best flannel shirts for women in 2024.

Best Flannel Shirt Colors For Women

Photo pretty young woman in jeans and plaid jacket in front of a wooden door

  • Purple Plaid Flannel Shirt

Women’s plaid flannel shirts in purple color look more dramatic with a rich jewel-tone purple. People with cool skin tones look great in purple plaid shirts.

  • Women’s Red Plaid Flannel Shirt

Red flannel is a timeless choice perfect for making a vibrant statement. Women’s red plaid shirts complement ruddy or warm skin tones beautifully.

  • Brown Flannel Shirt for Women

Earthy brown flannel women’s shirts work for casual daytime wear. Brown creates a harmonious complement to warm complexions.

  • Women’s Green Flannel Shirt

Wear a rich green flannel shirt for women to stand out. Green stands out against neutral pants and goes well with olive skin tones.

  • Black Flannel Shirt for Women

Being one of the best flannel shirts for women, black flannel will always be in style. Any skin tone looks good in a women’s black flannel shirt, and it can be worn day or night.

Why Choose Women’s Best Flannel Shirts Wholesale In 2024?

Why Choose Women’s Best Flannel Shirts Wholesale?

Adding the best flannel shirts for women to your retail clothing inventory is a savvy business move. Here’s why stocking wholesale women’s flannel shirts can significantly boost your bottom line:

– Year-Round Demand

Women of all ages wear flannel shirts all year, not just in the fall and winter. Having a variety of flannels in stock will help you keep sales going all year.

– Universal Appeal

A cozy flannel shirt is something every woman should have in her closet. Everyone looks good in flannel clothes, and they go with any style. A lot of people want them, so demand is high when it comes to buying best flannel shirts for women in 2024.

– Styling Versatility

It’s easy to dress up or down a women’s flannel shirt. This gives you more options for who you want to reach.

– Premium Profits

Because flannel shirts for women are so popular, stores can mark up the prices of women’s flannels from what they buy them for wholesale. People like flannel a lot, so when you charge more for it, you make a lot of money.

– Ease of Stocking

Best flannel shirts for women in 2024 fold and stack neatly, taking up minimal retail floor space. They are easy to organize by size, style, and color family for a clean merchandising look.

Leading Private Label Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

Leading Private Label Flannel Clothing Manufacturer

As the best flannel shirts for women are closet must-haves, partnering with a top flannel clothing manufacturer is key for clothing retailers.

Buying Best Flannel Shirts For Women 2024 From Private Label Flannel Clothing Manufacturers offer:

Quick Turnaround

The ability to produce bulk orders of private-label flannel shirts in a short period allows retailers to get the new stock to market faster.

Knowledge of Trends

An experienced women’s flannel shirt wholesale manufacturer will understand the latest and most popular colors, prints, silhouettes, and detailing for women’s flannel shirts.

Competitive Pricing

Wholesale pricing must allow retailers to price flannel shirts competitively while earning ample profit.

Customization Options

The ability to add size range, fit specifications, labeling, and branding for a private label collection is essential.


To sum up, women’s flannel shirts are a wardrobe essential that every woman should have. There is a flannel shirt for every body type because they come in so many colors, patterns, fits, and styles. Because flannel is so popular and will always look good, clothing stores should add it to their private label lines. Contacting an experienced flannel clothing manufacturing company will allow you to order the latest and the best women’s flannel shirts in bulk at affordable rates.

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