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Check Out How to Keep Your Flannel Shirts Soft and Fluffy for a Long Time

A flannel shirt is one of those clothing pieces that instantly comes to mind when it’s about getting ready for the chilly season. These items are an absolute must-have for the crisp fall days as well. The super soft fabric keeps you cozy and happy and the unique plaid patterns make you look fantastic. However, in order to make your flannel shirts keep on feeling soft for a long time, you need to remember certain things.

While Cleaning in a Washing Machine

Flannel shirts are of course machine-washable but ensure you have gone through the specific instructions written on the care label before throwing the pieces casually inside the machine. For instance, these shirts should always be cleaned using a gentle cycle and at the right temperature. This keeps them soft and vibrant-looking wash after wash. One of the most noted flannel clothing manufacturers comes with the biggest inventory of super soft, comfortable, best-quality wholesale girls flannel shirts!

About the Right Water Temperature

Using your washing machine, you should avoid washing your flannel shirts in hot or boiling water. Always stick to warm or cool water as it will keep the flannel fluffy. When the water temperature is being discussed, it’s better to know about the detergent as well. Ensure that the detergent you are using is free of chlorine, phosphates, and enzymes.

Resist the temptation of using a liquid fabric softener. They aren’t really good, in fact, their usage creates a thin film on the fabric that clogs the fibers and causes them to stiffen over time. To help remove soap residue without damaging the flannel shirt, add ½ to 1 cup of vinegar during the rinse cycle.

Do This to Keep the Flannel Shirts Super Soft

As mentioned above, when you use warm or cool water, a gentle wash cycle, and flannel-friendly detergent, the washing procedure causes less friction on the fabric. This will make your flannel shirts less likely to pill by lessening any stress on the fabric. Also, your flannel shirts won’t end up shrinking.

Drying Them

If your flannel shirts are made out of cotton then using high heat on them while drying can make them shrink in no time. So, if you are going to use the dryer then go for the lowest setting. A suggestion would be to skip the dryer altogether as most flannel shirts can get air-dried quickly. All you have to do is put them out on a clothes rail.

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