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Flannel Bodysuits: The Hot And Fresh Trend To Fall For

Flannel bodysuits today are regarded as one of the biggest fashion trends. No matter where you are going, a local store, or your favorite shopping mall, you will surely see a large and varied selection of these flannel bodysuits lined up on the shelves, folded neatly, or simply hung up. Casual, convenient, super flattering, and cute, flannel bodysuits have topped the charts of casual fashion.

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If you haven’t tried one yet then you might feel a bit weird when you throw it on for the first time, however, once you go out, you are guaranteed to get an endless appreciation for your cool style sense.

Here are a few tips on how to rock a flannel bodysuit and look your best in it:

Partnering With High-Waisted Bottoms

When you are clueless, scratching your head, thinking about ‘’what should I wear with flannel bodysuits’’, consider going with the high-waisted bottoms. The rise and texture of high-waisted shorts and jeans will balance out the tightness of the bodysuit. In addition, high-waisted bottom wear does a great job of slimming down your waist and highlighting your natural body shape, without making you feel like you are experimenting too much.

Choosing From Different Necklines

The manufacturers bring tons of options in flannel bodysuits. You will find them in different attractive styles and patterns. One of the most vital aspects to consider when choosing one is its neckline. Other than the shirt-style flannel bodysuits, you can see sweetheart necks, V-necks, round necks, mandarin collars, etc. The neckline adds interest and texture to a bodysuit.

No, Not Just For Casual Events

Flannel bodysuits aren’t just for casual events. You can easily pull off one on different occasions, even in formal settings  as long as you know (fully aware of) what you are pairing it with. Think about trying leather jackets and matching pencil leather skirts with flannel bodysuits, if it’s about work. High-ankle boots and pointed toes look good.

Just Go For It, Girl!

Just like any other bodysuit type, flannel bodysuits will hug you tight in all the right places. However, unlike other materials, they make sure you remain comfortable in them no matter when you are wearing them. Not only on thinner women but on plus-size women as well, they look great. They offer you a trendy and effortless look without making you spend too much time styling them.

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