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Flannel Outfit Ideas for Thanksgiving: What to Wear at Different Events

At Thanksgiving, you always crave more time with the near and dear ones, want to make some unforgettable, loving memories, and reflect on everything for which you are grateful. Your day is packed with events and you have many places to go to.

If you are thinking about what to wear, how about opting for some warm, cozy flannels this time? It goes great with the season as well!

Every event needs a different look. For instance, a dressy Thanksgiving often means a polished outfit with all the correct accessories, while other events require more comfortable attire that is ideal for post-meal chilling with family and friends.

Given below are the ideal Thanksgiving flannel outfit ideas:

Celebration with the Family

What you will be wearing for a Thanksgiving Day celebration with your family members will ultimately be based on the formality of the event. In most homes though, spending the day with family means, one can easily get away with some relaxed outfits. And here, nothing can be better than a flannel pajama set in some vibrant colors. To finish the look, elegant studs are what you are going to need.

A Friendsgiving Invitation

Friendsgiving is another great opportunity to spend some more time with your close friends. In this way, not only do you get to share some gratitude and laughter with them but you also get to dive into another delicious meal. Here, the right outfit depends on whether the gathering is dressy or casual. This is also a great chance to follow the current trends.

For instance, a powder pink plaid flannel shirt, a cropped basic tee, a pair of wide-legged jeans, and casual flats, or, a black-yellow-white flannel shirt, form-fitting pencil skirt, and platform heels. If you want to add a cool factor to your outfit, then don’t forget the shades!

Out for Dinner with Friends

When you are out for dinner with friends, your options are endless. However, other than looking good, it’s essential to feel comfortable as well, so that your face really shines in all those candid group photos. Try a full-sleeve flannel dress, a black leather jacket, suede boots, and a neutral sling bag. Alternatively, if you wish, you can also tuck in a full-sleeve flannel shirt into a pair of distressed denim jeans. As for footwear, sneakers can go well with this attire. Cropped cardigans and wide-legged jeans also work wonders!

Once the Thanksgiving celebration is over, the next day means some yummy leftovers and plenty of time for relaxation (i.e. if you aren’t the type to run for a Black Friday shopping). Jeans, a flannel shirt, and a solid-colored cardigan are always a safe bet, but then, you can also ditch the denim for a smoother material to lounge in. For example, you can wear sweatpants or joggers crafted from cotton.

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