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Flannel Pajama Style Redefined – for a Comfy Bed to Street Look

Be it fall or winter there is no better way to snuggle up than in a comfy pair of flannel pants and when it comes in flannel, you know the rest. However the most interesting thing is that these flannel pajamas which has been considered as the best sleepwear till the last few years has now been sported on the street by almost everyone from famous Hollywood celebs to commoners. So if you want to catch on to this trend, here’s what you need to keep in mind.

oversized flannel shirt with leggings

Flannel Pants – Comfort the First Priority

While following a trend blindly, flaunted by their favorite screen celebrity, what most people often forget is the level of comfort that the pants might provide. Now it is the right quality of fabric which decides how comfortable they should be, for instance, wool, cotton and a blend of cotton are perfect to retain the warmth in the body while making the product more sustainable and durable for over the years.

Colors and Prints

Besides the good old black and white stripes, now you can find them in a large palette of colors with striking combinations ranging from blue and white to pink, red and light green to brown, reds and grey. As for prints those with owl or floral motifs and even with red and white polka dots make for a perfect girlie look. Business owners can explore a lot more new options in wholesale flannel pajama pants Australia once they visit the warehouses of some of the reputed online manufacturers. So hurry up!

flannel fashion

Cuts and Fits

If you can get slim-fit and skinny jeans then why not slim-fit plaid pajamas? Nowadays many fashion designers are experimenting with the cut and fit of plaid pants and have finally come up with different styles amongst which slim-fit, straight-fit, leggings and three quarters are high on demand.

For retailers and boutique owners who wish to stock up on this trendy bottoms wears are required to keep a close eye on the proper type of fabrics apart from the different styles while placing their orders for wholesale flannel pants Perth at an online distributor.