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Flannels Back on the Centre Stage Warming up This Winter

Looking for the happening fashion trend this winter? Relax, the flannels are there to help you sizzle around. Don’t just back off thinking that your grand mom just loved flannels so much, and you being a gen x just can’t get back to the old times! Well, then let us inform you that flannels never really gone off the charts. And now it is again on the top of the list with the mind blowing styles.

The Flannel Reprise

From the year 2000 an interesting trend in fashion can be observed. The ester years’ fashion rages are coming back in new avatars. And there is no exception with the flannels. From the late 40’s till early 70’s flannel simply ruled over the fashion world. Now again it is back with a bang flaunting new patterns and stances for this fashion forward generation.

Flannel Fashion 2015-16

For both men and women the flannel garments have plenty to choose from. The wholesale plaid flannel shirt USA has been able to generate so much oomph within a short while that it is already featuring in this year’s autumn-winter and winter collection. Especially, the collection for the ladies is just wow! Let’s take look at what it has got!

The Tunic Shirts

Go for the asymmetrical hemlines this season. The ideal office and after office wear from the wholesale plaid flannel shirts Atlanta is in great demand among the ladies for its high utility feature.

Cropped Fashion

The manufacturers are smart enough to fetch the latest cropped fashion in their flannel collection. And this one smart move has made the ladies go gaga after these. The full sleeved cropped shirts in bright hues are surely the eye candy.

Tied-up Shirts

The tied-up shirts in monochromatic shades would make you fall for them. If you have got a slim waist, then just show them off with the tied-up flannel wears. Be the showstopper at your college or friendly hangouts.

Formal Shirts

If your need of the moment is a nicely fitted formal shirt then the wholesale women’s flannel shirts Dallas could be your choice. Adorable bold checks in bright hues will perfectly serve you at official purposes. Close-fitting of the collars and prominent buttons will make you look confident and deserving.

Woven with best quality fabrics the wholesale flannel garments are dedicated to walk along with you for a longer period. No wonder, your grand mom will be the happiest to see you so chic in her old favourite!

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