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Flannel’s Long Association with the Lumberjacks with Styling Tips for the Fashionistas

Well, the warm days are over but not our hopes for sporting flannel fashion. It is popping up in the runways with celebrities and commoners trying them out for different events and at various points of time. Though flannel shirts have become extremely popular these days as wardrobe ensemble, they have long association with the lumberjacks. Here is a look at its roots and a few styling tips for the fashionable women who are always willing to give plaids just another try.

History Connects

Flannel, since its evolution in the 90s by a sub-culture, popularly known as grunge, has found its foot in the recent age from being a material to a special checkered print. Though in earlier times it was a well known dress code for the working class, especially farmers, it has gradually fuelled the interest of many a man and woman from different genres and remained a classic favorite till now.

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Flannel Shirts Suppliers

Style Inspirations to Watch Out for

The best thing about plaid shirts is that they are available in lots of variations and practically fit every body type, making it an essential closet ensemble. So grab them in different color combinations, checks and prints and get a spot on lo ok whenever and wherever you wear them. Read on to know more about how you can style your flannel shirts to different places.

  • If you are going out on a coffee break with your long time friends, step out in a green and yellow shirt and denim ripped jeans with a pair of white sneakers teamed in. You can also wear an open shirt over a tank top and rock your comfy and casual look over steaming coffee and spicy conversation.
  • Heading out for a dinner date with your beau and confused about what to wear? Simply slip on a chequered flannel shirt in the classic combination of red, black and white and pair it up with a vintage high waist mini leather skirt and you are ready to turn heads. But do not forget to carry your essentials in a leather clutch and go paint the town with black ankle booties.

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