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Four Elegant Flannel Shirt Outfit Ideas for Fashion-Conscious Girl

An iconic wardrobe staple that most girls already have in their closets is a flannel shirt. And, why not? After all, girls flannel shirts are cute, cozy, and comfortable. However, flannel shirts are often misjudged and underestimated as sloppy or lazy. Mostly favoring flashy pieces, it’s quite easy to toss your dependable flannel at the back of your wardrobe but then, that’s really not something that you should do!

Flannel shirts are timeless and they can stick to you for a long time. They are never boring. Still, if you want to make them more interesting and achieve cool, head-turning looks that are really trendy then here are some ideas given below:

The Classic Look

There is nothing boring or wrong about wearing a flannel shirt in a conventional way. However, all you have to do is ensure that your look is well-balanced and includes a central point to keep things fun and engaging. Layer your flannel shirt over a pair of distressed, high-waisted jeans, and a fitted solid crop top. While distressed jeans will add a balancing interest to the look, the fitted crop top will highlight your shape under the flannel shirt. As for jewelry, add a pendant necklace.

Friday Casual Work Outfit

A flannel shirt might not have been your choice before as an ideal Friday casual work outfit. But there are multiple ways you can include it in your look, without compromising on professionalism. Some noteworthy ideas would be like tucking a flannel shirt into dark jeans, adding a blazer on top, and wearing full-length or neutral boots. A pro tip here would be, when you are choosing the blazer color, opt for a vibrant one that matches well with your flannel shirt. Apart from this look, you can think about layering your flannel shirt underneath a fitted sweater. To show more of the flannel shirt’s pattern underneath, opt for a sweater that’s slightly cropped and cuff the sleeves of your flannel shirt over it. Partner this sweater-flannel shirt combination with dark trousers and stylish pointed toes.

the Not-so-Casual Approach

For a simple yet stylish look, consider tucking a flannel shirt inside a skirt or layering it over a bodycon dress. Always make sure that the skirt or dress you are wearing is fitted so that it enhances your natural body shape. Additionally, the skirt or the dress should be in a solid color when you are wearing or layering a flannel shirt (otherwise it will be many prints and patterns for the viewer to take in).

Oh! so Sexy!

Oh yes, the lumberjack look can be hot too! Just imagine how sexy you will feel the moment you tie your man’s flannel shirt around your waist. As for the other pieces, lightly-distressed micro shorts along with a crop top will just be perfect!

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