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How The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Impacted Our Fashion Choices

Over the past year, the COVID-19 crisis has had a massive impact on our lives, from the way that we shop to the way that we work. Social lives have been disrupted due to the need for social distancing and many people are doing more online than ever before. With more people working from home to protect themselves from COVID-19 and lots of our favorite social activities off the table, it’s no surprise that the crisis has also had a big impact on our fashion choices. Here are some of the main ways that COVID-19 has impacted what we wear.

More Protective Clothing:

With many states putting a mask mandate in place for people in public areas and many other countries around the world following suit, face masks have not just become essential for personal protection, but they can also be a fashion statement. While one-time-use surgical face masks are still used regularly, many people like to stand out with their choice of protective face covering and there are many different styles available to suit any outfit, like this MN Red Plaid face mask. Cloth masks are often cheaper since they can be washed after each use, and some people have even gotten creative and made their own.

The Rise of Loungewear:

Stiff suits, blouses, tights, and pencil dresses are out and loungewear is in. With more of us working from home than ever before, the need to get dressed up for the office has not been something that many people have thought about for a long time. And, with social activities like going to the bar or club also impossible due to social distancing, it’s caused the sale of loungewear, pajamas, and comfortable clothes to soar. With nothing to get dressed up for, lots of us are taking full advantage of the chance to live in our comfiest clothing.

Online Fashion Shopping:

With quarantines and lockdowns around the world leading to store closures, fashion shopping has moved even further online than it was before the crisis. Although many of us have nowhere exciting to go, it hasn’t stopped people from treating themselves to new comfortable outfits to wear at home throughout the pandemic – and the number of items bought online is sky high.
Future Impact:

With a vaccination now available and the end seemingly in sight for many countries around the world at some point this year, it’s likely that things are going to change in terms of fashion. Once things begin to get back to normal and we’re able to socialize, party, and do the things that we enjoy once again, we can count on the fact that people are going to want to look and feel their best after a year of working from home in loungewear. We might see more sales of party wear, smart clothing, and luxury items in the upcoming months.
Has COVID-19 affected your fashion choices? Have you bought more or less clothing during the pandemic, or found yourself looking for items that you wouldn’t normally buy? We’d love to know!