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How to Pull off the Flannel Trend Without Looking Like a Lumberjack?

Almost all men love the aesthetic and comfortable flannel shirts. Especially suited for cooler temperatures, the soft and versatile flannel shirts can now be paired with jeans, chinos, corduroys and even shorts. You can also wear them with a variety of shirts in fact. For a casual outfit opportunity, go with the pleasing flannel wear anytime. If you are a business owner, who wants to make your men’s flannel shirts collection happening, acquire contact of an eminent flannel clothing manufacturer. The extensive catalog of such a source is sure to include voguish flannel shirts, flannel jackets wholesale, flannel skirts, flannel vests and more.

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  • Layer Over a T-Shirt

Lightweight knits like henleys and t-shirts with front pockets are a superb base for flannel shirts. You can layer a plaid flannel over a solid tee or a solid flannel over a graphic or printed knit. Add colored denim or chinos in a deep tan, burgundy or olive green tinge to keep the look fresh and seasonal.

  • Pair it With an Edgy Jacket

Level up the cool style quotient by wearing your favorite flannel with a bomber or utility jacket, chukka boots and chinos. This stylish look will suit to your outdoor comfort preference as well as make you irresistible and trendy enough to impress a dinner date or attend a fall festival with your family.

  • Vest or Sweater Over Flannel

When it starts to get chilly during the fall, you can stay warm by layering a long sleeve performance knit under your flannel and then top the two with a quilted puffer vest. If vests are not really your thing, wear your flannel below a cotton sweater and let the collar and hem stick out from the top and bottom. This styling along with keeping the sleeves cuffed can create an eclectic messy appeal under a coat or wool jacket.

Trend Flannel Overtaking Other Wardrobe Classics

To wear at home or outdoors, the flannel has become the ultimate hit this year with its distinct visually impressive and comfortable material. While many chic and classic silhouettes set the tone for seasonal outfits, flannel fashion for men has been re-created as numerous styling options are catching eyes. It has established itself as one of the essentials of menswear wardrobe with its trendy designs, striking check combos and terrific outfit ideas.

As a retailer, if you want to expand your flannel wear collection, get hold of an established flannel apparel supplier, also famous as a flannel jackets supplier. Gradually, you will see how this association adds edge and diversity to your flannel fashion pieces.

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