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Seven Ways To Style The Comfortable Flannel Crop Top

Flannel is not a fabric for the ordinary. It needs a certain amount of sophistication to sport a flannel and look stylish. Additionally, as the crop top has evolved over the years and shrugged off its half t-shirt image, it has become a must-have in everybody’s wardrobe. The flannel crop top, being its newer and more sophisticated cousin, is also having its time in the fashion world. Plus, the varieties on offer are also huge, from the shirt style to the knotted style to the off-shoulder to the embellished, and many more.

So, if you are eager to sport the best looks with your flannel crop tops this season, keep reading.


The One with the Formal Pants

flannel crop top with formal pant

Who said that you cannot wear a flannel crop top to a formal lunch? You definitely can and should. Just make sure you style it in a sophisticated and elegant way, with a pair of well-tailored formal pants in a neutral color like beige or pearl white, and complete the look with a trendy cloud handbag. Wear a nice pair of stilettos and go for a ‘no-makeup’ look and get ready to charm the world.

If you are not feeling that bold, just wear a blazer over your shoulder and follow in the steps of Emily Ratajkowski, who has been seen in a similar crop top look while walking her dog!


The Full-sleeved Flannel Crop Top

full sleeved flannel crop top

With a minimalist full-sleeved flannel crop top, you can get a casual yet classy look that will stop people in their tracks and turn many heads. Just pair it with your high-waisted jeans or a body-hugging short skirt like JLo would. Complete this look with some stylish footwear and get ready to roll in style. This crop top look is a favorite with many supermodels and has been sported by many A-list celebrities.

Supermodel Kendall Jenner had been seen sporting a similar style of the crop top with a pair of flared jeans and sneakers.


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The Dressed-up Sweatpants Look

If you are a fan of comfy sweatpants (Who isn’t?), then this stylish yet comfortable look is for you. Pair a neutral-colored flannel crop top in a sleeveless or a halter neck style, and wear it with a pair of your favorite sweatpants. Complete this look with a pair of cool shades and sneakers.

Wear this effortless yet impactful look and make it your go-to on casual days.


The Bustier Style Flannel Crop Top

Bustier Style Flannel Crop Top

Style this one with a ruffled A-line calf-length skirt and flats or layer it with a white shirt or long coat and pair your high-waisted jeans with it, this one is going to make you look ravishing.


The Shirt-style Flannel Crop Top

This one is easy to pair with anything, be it your denim or your leggings, and more. Dress this one in a sleeveless style like you were playing the female lead in a Hollywood movie, set in the countryside, and get ready to rock the rugged yet fashionable look in style.

This style of the flannel crop top with full sleeves is also the most popular, as it can be paired with multiple outfits and even layered over a basic white or black crop top.


The Flannel Crop Top with Leggings

flannel crop top with leggings

If you are shy to pair your leggings with a flannel crop top, choose a casual style of the flannel crop top and layer it with a trench or long woolen coat. This will elevate this ordinary look and make it something out of a fashion magazine.

Pair this look with ankle-length boots and carry a stylish handbag with you. Voila! You have a perfect look to wear the next time.


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The Embellished Flannel Crop Top Look

Choose a flannel crop top with a leather embellishment or go for other accents in your flannel crop top and pair it with a pleated skirt or pick an ankle-length skirt to go with it. Pair this look with a beret and red lips. For a purse, choose a small shoulder bag. You can even tie a flannel shirt at the waist and wear this, for an outing with friends!

The flannel crop top comes in various styles and is best sported by people who have a great appreciation for fine-quality clothing. So, move over, just flannel for winter, and dress it up with some of your regular looks this summer and spring. The best part, you do not have to choose only bright colors, the pastel shades and neutral tones are equally attractive and elevate any look to make it comfortable and stylish.

So, the next time you pick a flannel crop top, don’t put it back, glam it with these tips and go sauntering in style.

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