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Sport the 90’s Grunge Look with Flannel Shirts and Make Rock Solid Impact!

Grunge was once a big thing and even today it remains a style classic that men and women tend to emulate over time. With summer here and people shedding the layers, its going to come back and if you pull it off the right way, it can really create a massive impact on your fashion statement. However, if you aren’t confident enough and feel like you are past your prime to try a rebellious look like that, this blog is going to help you do things better and in the right way. Now, let’s take a look –

1. Fitted Flannel Shirts with Denim Shorts

Grunge couldn’t get bolder than the fitted flannelette shirts womens worn with faded denim shorts with ragged seams and combat boots in tan or black color. This look is perfect for the summer day and gives your body plenty of breathing space, so that you don’t feel like you are wearing too much clothes in this heat. If you are going someplace, you could just use a backpack and that would just enhance the look further. Also, don’t feel the need to go simple with your accessories and pick out all kinds of wooden and boho items to go with this look.

2. The All Black Flannel Shirt Waist Wrap Look

All black has always been a very bold fashion statement, but now one can give it a grunge twist by wrapping a plaid flannel shirt on the waist. This look makes for a pretty laidback appeal and a lazy pair of sunglasses could complete it, no questions asked! Go for ankle length combat boots, since nothing says grunge better than that. And since its summer, keep the black top wear sleeveless or half sleeved, and the black denims distressed. Do it right and you might find your face on the cover of the next local fashion magazine!

3. The flannel Crop Shirt with Denim Shorts or Jean Trousers

While a flannel wool shirt is for when there is a nip in the air, the flannel crop shirt is for summers – to look cool and sexy at the same time. The plaid patterns are a definite winner when you tie it on your waistline and show off that washboard abs. For women who don’t feel comfortable with the ab show can always go for a neutral colored t shirt underneath the flannel shirt to carry the same look. However, having denim trousers or shorts as your bottom wear is an absolute essential and makes the statement look more complete. Go for grungy beady accessories to pair with and your look will set the world on fire.

4. Band T shirt with Oversized Flannel Shirt

Wearing your favorite band’s t shirt is definitely one of the best feelings in the world and that could get a grunge twist with a layer of oversized flannel shirt on top and you have a look for others to envy. Add some hipster glasses with a fedora or tie your hair up in a messy bun and there you have it! You could wear denim shorts or distressed trousers for some real rugged feel and add some metal accessories to go all the way into proper grunge fashion.

P.S. – If your favorite band is Nirvana and that’s the t shirt you have then you were made for this look.

5. Kohl Eyes with Flannel Shirt Layered on Black Tee

Kohl gives your eyes a brooding and smoldering feel and that kind of makes for enigmatic fashion look; in fact, if one uses it right, they could get smudged smoky eyes that are a great match to grunge style of fashion. Messy hair tied behind, and black t shirt layered with flannel plaid shirt on top and faded blue jeans at the bottom, it is a Rockstar’s go to look. You could add some metal and leather bracelets and it would look like a good combo between grunge and emo!

6. Flannel Shirt on Black Jeans and Converse Shoes

The poster-look of grunge fashion for women, this look is casual and has plenty of things going for it. Its easy to put together and needs no extra effort as such – all one needs is to put on a flannel plaid shirt on black denims and pair it with black converse shoes underneath. You could add some grunge earrings for a more textured look, but that isn’t mandatory. The look gets better because of its simplicity!

These six flannel looks have grunge as its top fashion layer but are great options for summer fashion as well. And who knew that getting one shirt could give you so many look options?

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