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Stocking Wholesale Baby Flannel Shirt Is A Safest Bet For Clothing Businesses

Flannel shirts have stormed everyone’s wardrobe. Now this craze has taken over the kids’ clothing world as well. Perfectly designed and manufactured, wholesale baby flannel shirt has become a favorite of clothing business owners and ultimately the mommies. And there is a reason why they are so popular in kids’ section. If you haven’t already seen a little dashing hunk or princess in plaids, for this is a new and uprising trend, don’t curse yourself- go and look now. They simply look over-adorable.

Comfort level

Unlike the adults, who most of the time put style first in their priority list, kids need that comfort and cozy feeling. Keeping this in mind, flannel baby clothes businesses take special care during the production process. They use high quality flannel fabrics- woven 100% cotton, in these shirts. This material makes the cloth extra soft, comfortable and comparatively light. So now the kids can breathe much more easily.


After comfort level, comes the style. Not that the baby care about this, but the parents sure do. They demand much more color combination, with varieties of checks. This wide demand has finally been delivered by the big wholesale flannel clothing firms. They have up their manufacturing process and the warehouses with many different options.

Kids Clothing Wholesale

What’s Popular

Parents, clearly, are getting lot more options in flannels for their kids to choose from. But there are select few types which has topped their imagination and climbed up to their favorite list.

Blue and white bold checks

Blue and white, which was fairly popular among the youngsters, is now trending in kid’s departments as well. Although full sleeved with bold checks, this combination is just perfect for summer.

Citrus yellow

Another favorite of mommies for their kids is citrus yellow flannel shirts. With multiple checks of yellow, black and white- it makes sure to keep the babies ahead in the fashion world.

The above mentioned two types are crazily popular today. But there are few others who are making their way to the top, like royal blue madras checks, calm sea checked baby shirts and backyard lavender bold checked flannels.

Plaids are, undoubtedly, a rising giant in the kids clothing market. Stocking them would one of the safest bet for any clothing business. So if you are looking to update your inventory with these chic shirts, contact top kids dress suppliers to order your own stock.

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