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Sustainable Flannel Shirts: the Planet-Friendly Fabrics You Should Go for

No, flannel shirts aren’t simply a fall trend, but they are much more than that! All thanks to how rugged and cool they are and the amount of comfort they offer, this style is favored by all irrespective of the season. Flannel shirts work almost anywhere, anytime.

Now that it’s the time of sustainability and each and everyone is busy shopping for sustainable products if you to are keen to buy some great earth-friendly flannel shirts then make sure you lay your hands on the ones that are not only ethically produced but are made out of quality ‘appropriate’ materials.

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The fabrics to consider when buying sustainable flannel shirts

One of the many plus points of investing in flannels is they stick to you for a long period of time (if you take care of them properly), which is what makes them an ideal fit for a sustainable wardrobe. If you have a soft corner for flannel shirts then make sure that you always choose the ones made out of the appropriate materials and not just labeled sustainable with being crafted out of any random material. This is the least you can do to support all those manufacturers and retailers who are trying their best to create a positive change and be gentle on the earth.

Once upon a time, flannel shirts were only made of wool but today, cotton is preferred. Always go for those flannel shirts constructed out of linen, 100% organic cotton, and fabrics created from recycled plastic bottles. They should be made using toxic-free dyes.

You can also opt for the ones that have a recycled polyester and cotton combination in them.

Watch out for the non-sustainable synthetic fabrics that are used in fast fashion!

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