Four flannel shirts in four colors and four ways to wear them

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With the flannel season officially on the track, it is time to update our knowledge again. Without much delay, here is a list of four flannel shirts, each showcasing a different shade, mainly red, blue, black and yellow that retorts to the season and to fashion trends. Keep reading to make awe-inspiring appearances.

Red flannel shirt

mens red flannel shirt

The most popular shade of plaid on flannel is red and undoubtedly is worn in hideous ways imaginable. No, there is not a bit of exaggeration in that statement. The common yet unlikely portrayal of the red flannel shirt is often perceived wrong and people end up looking like wearing pajamas. The ground rule for wearing red flannel shirt is to team it with contrast color pants. And by contrast colors, the indication is blue and blue only. Also, opt for a light weight fabric to look classy, not like you came straight down from the forest after cutting woods. The safest bet, a pair of chinos. Thus, a red flannel shirt, a pair of blue chinos and military boots should do justice.

Blue flannel shirt

Unlike the red version, blue is generally on the safer side. Thus, you can actually experiment this one without fearing to get it wrong. But refrain from going over the board. A blue flannel shirt is highly based on the background color- one comes in white, while another one comes in black. Each has its own appeal and should not be mixed. For the first one, opt for a pair of dark blue washed jeans and white plimsolls; for the latter, black denim and white plimsolls works just fine.

Black flannel shirt

black and white flannel shirt

An integral part of the flannel fashion scenario, a black flannel shirt is versatile and flamboyant, to say the least. Its ability to blend well with the other outfits and work for almost all occasions makes it a worthy choice for most. Also, black flannel works fine with all skin tones as well. Generally, to pull off a black flannel shirt, you first need to understand the gravity of the situation. While the all-black attire is appropriate for most situations, sometimes, some people would want to go for a lesser dark version. In that case, light wash denim and sneakers will be the right way to go.

Green flannel shirt

The green flannel shirt is that one piece which you can wear all year through. It is smart to look, has an appeal that stuns and compliments anyone who wears it. But the biggest challenge comes is when you have to wear it with some other outfit without looking like a mismatch. Though many may argue that blue denim and green flannel works just as well, the truth is that they look overdone. The ideal choice is always a pair of chinos in white. While the white balances the green well, it amplifies the prints pretty well. Thus, to highlight, a green flannel shirt, a pair of white chinos and loafers for that added conventionalism.

On that note, flannel comes in more colors, but we are all pretty obsessed with the four shades mentioned here. Pick any one, dress them correct and you are good to go. No accessories, no extra embellishments; just the flannel shirt in that particular color and indomitable glory.

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