3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

3 Facts about Flannel that You Didn’t Know about; and Few Styling Tips

Flannel is popular, and it has been the same forever! You have at least one flannel piece in your wardrobe, and love wearing it for several occasions. Wholesale womens flannel shirts are also designed by popular manufacturers that woo the aficionados. But how much do you know about flannel? How well do you carry them off? To know more, keep reading them for much has been explained as given below.

Plaid is a pattern; flannel a fabric

One fact about flannel that everyone gets wrong- FLANNEL AND PLAID is NOT the same thing. Flannel is a fabric that is crafted by weaving wool or cotton or yarn. Plaid on the other hand is a pattern that usually showcases checkered prints. When flannel first came into existence, the tartan plaid pattern was added to it to give the fabric a more appealing look. Thus, their existence became amalgamated. No matter how much they have been propagated together, they can very well exist individually.

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Flannel comes in different types

So you thought flannel was only for the colder months? It is not! Flannel is generally made from wool; however, with time they have tweaked enough and are now constructed with cotton and synthetic fiber as well. Baby flannel is also another type of flannel which is used to tailor the clothes for the little ones. There is also a type of flannel called the Ceylon flannel which mixes cotton and wool together. Invented by a German man Léopold Lairitz in the 1800s, vegetable flannel is crafted using fibers from Scots pine. Bet you had no idea about them!

Flannel has been around for over four centuries

Originally invented by the Scottish farmer in the 1600sto protect themselves from the harsh winter weather, the word of flannel spread during the Industrial Revolution. Though the origin of the word is not known, many believe it was in 17th century Wales that the word saw the light of the day. The ability to provide heat during the winter made it popular in North America as well, as lumberjacks too started wearing at large. Thus, the bottom line remains the same here, it is an old fashion piece that has successfully retained its originality and has maintained its status in the top; for four centuries.

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And finally how to wear plaid flannel shirts

There are numerous ways in which a plaid flannel shirt can be worn. But if you truly want to stand out in the crowd, then try the given ways here.

  1. For a casual outing, wear your oversized flannel shirt with a pair of jeans and ankle length boots. Pick a dark shade to have a better impact. Go without accessories to let the flannel shirt cast a charm of its own.

  2. If you are going for a formal event, tuck a flannel shirt inside a pair of tailored trouser. Wear a pair of ballerinas or pumps to add a dash of convention to the outfit. Use a statement belt to look elegant and sophisticated.

  3. When going for a party, make sure to dress up your flannel by teaming it with a skater skirt. You can tuck in your shirt and use ankle length boots to look adorable. Balance the entire ensemble by using a chunky neckpiece and some bangles.

Flannel is an extremely versatile fabric. It has retained its position in the fashion circuit and in the closets of the enthusiasts for years due to its immense appeal. Wholesale flannel shirts are available with top manufacturers that can be purchased in bulk by retailers at a discounted price.

Watch Out for The Three Sexy Ways to Wear the Flannel Plaid Shirts in Beaches

Watch Out for The Three Sexy Ways to Wear the Flannel Plaid Shirts in Beaches

With summer being officially here, it is time to pull of the most sexy and hottest looks for the trips, outings and parties. From the bikinis at the beach, to the little floral summer dresses, skin show becomes the next possibly best thing to add to your style statement when the weather gets sultry. The leading online fashion destinations are bringing in a wide array of summer closet summer staples and they end up adding a lot of funk to one’s wardrobe. You just need to think of few out of the box style appeals to carry them confidently, with a lot of poise and oomph.

Now that summer means beach vacations, you might be bored of regularly wearing the same old tanks, or short dresses, shorts and bikinis to beach, this year it is time to look and feel different from the crowd. Touch of creative and a keen sense of fashion will end you up looking no less than a diva in the beach.

What are your thoughts regarding the flannel plaid shirts? No they are not just limited to the colder seasons, you can easily wrap them in the summers at the beach also. Here are few style statements possible in the flannel plaid shirts wholesale pieces at the beach in summer.

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Perfect beach cover up

It is time to ditch your silk and satin or synthetic printed cover ups for the beach trips as they have already become so outdated. Then what is the other alternative? Well you have the oversized plaid flannel shirts that can be worn over the bikinis as the beach cover ups. They come with colourful and duo toned plaid patterns making them absolutely perfect for the smartness quotient that you want to deliver through your beach attire. Add the funky accessories to them and look no less than the bombshell, completely offbeat from what people usually wear for the beach vacations in summer.

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As a dress?

If you want to look casually simple for the lunch dates by the beach, you are supposed to add something very trendy and contemporary. You simply cannot wear the beach shorts with a tank as that would add a slouchy feel to your silhouette. Thus, it is essential to go for the outfit that complements the sunny day and amorous date vibes. You can easily go for the flannel shirts worn as a dress with a belt cinched on the waist, with any footwear that adds a finishing touch to the attire. The flannel shirts worn as a dress or the flannel dress will add a novelty to your persona, and make you look very preppy and classy. Make sure to add the right make up and hairdo with this.

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Flannel shirts as an accessory

You might be wondering on how to turn a clothing piece into an accessory, well we will tell you how!

Well, the flannel shirts are extremely versatile and enough give you a lot of options to look chic, funky, classy or smart. Instead of completely wearing them as full-fledged outfits, you can just add them as accessories to keep up with the aura of plaid flannels. Just tie them around your waist while wearing anything from the jean shorts to bikinis or dresses. This will leave you with the impression of a fashionista who loves to try new things.

Thus, before hitting the beach this year, make sure you stash the luggage with a number of custom flannel shirts.

Be Geeky, Ultra Cool or Casual with Flannel Shirts for Women

Be Geeky, Ultra Cool or Casual with Flannel Shirts for Women

It seems that every season has specific garment pieces associated with it – denim shorts for summer, killer coats for winter, and floral dresses for spring. Same goes for fall. Nothing says fall quite like flannel shirts. Its versatility is kind of off the charts and everybody from cultivators-of-cool Gwen Stefani to twee masterminds like Zooey Deschanel has at least one. Everybody seems to want a piece of plaid. A good flannel shirt is worth the investment because they will literally never go out of style. A lot of women shy away from this trend because they think that it is largely masculine. Here is a handful of styling options to change the popular idea.

Look Badass with Flannel Shirts!

Team up checked flannel shirt UK with ankle-length jeans and a sleek leather jacket. It is as simple as that! This combination is perfect for all the tomboys out there who like to put on a tough look while looking fashionable. Replace the leather jacket with a puffer vest to look adorable.

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Laid-back Cool

If you remember Skye from S.H.I.E.L.D then you will know what is being said here. Just a pair of skinny jeans and a plaid shirt buttoned all the way with a large necklace is all one needs to look cool without even trying.

Keep it Casual

Another way of wearing plaids would be to wear it open over a standard t-shirt. Keep it unbuttoned and pair it up with regular skinnies and boots or sneakers. Whether a date or coffee with friends, this look is sure to steal a few looks. To take it one notch higher, replace the t-shirt with a stylish crop top and flaunt your flat, irresistible stomach in full glory.

Try the Ultra Prep Look

Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars shows the world how to nail the geeky yet chic look by wearing vintage flannel shirts Birmingham which is buttoned all the way up to the collar and paired up with a stylish sweater vest. Womens flannel Shirts Bradford is available today in various color palettes and patterns. Its versatility to be worn with anything from jeans to dresses is what makes it a huge hit. Retailers can stock up on this incredibly popular trend by getting in touch with a renowned supplier.

Flannel Shirts Offer a Nice Blend of Comfortable and Style

Flannel Shirts Offer a Nice Blend of Comfortable and Style

Flannel fabric is a very light version of wool which makes it extremely soft to touch. The shirts made of these fabrics are quite comfortable and they keep the wearer warm and cozy during colder days. Both pure flannel shirts as well as hybrid flannel shirts are available in the market. The hybrid shirts are a blend of flannel, synthetic and cotton materials. Both these types are known to offer enhanced comfort and styling options, which is why they are quite popular among both men and women.

Flannel Shirts and their Widespread Usage within the Working Class

The widespread popularity of flannel shirts goes long back when lumberjacks and farmers in United States used to wear them during their working hours. The working population in Australia also wore flannel shirts and loved the way the fabric felt next to their skin. Even today, men working in these professions prefer wearing these shirts as they are not only good looking but comfortable as well.

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The Popularity of Flannel Shirts Among Celebrities

Over the years, the flannel shirts also attained popular acceptance among musicians and celebrities. Many pop starts and rock bands wear them during their stage performances as they not only make them look great but also allow them to be themselves during the concert. The musicians also love wearing these shirts during their day to day lives as well as while making red carpet appearances. There are also many sportsmen and women who wear these shirts before and after their games. Different types of flannel shirts are available in the market that is suitable for various activities and occasions. Both traditional and modern designs are popular. The modern flannel shirts often have the appearance of jackets that can be worn above a t-shirt or a well chosen top.

Wholesalers Offer the Best Flannel Shirts

So if you are the owner of a clothing store and you are looking for ways in which you can enhance your sales figures, then you should consider getting yourself some nice flannel shirts that will fetch you more customers. A reputed flannel dress wholesaler can help you more in this regard by providing you with the best products.

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang!

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang

Everyone has witnessed the dungarees, mirrored glasses and hats make it way back into the fashion world but this season, fashion bloggers all around the world are talking about the revival of the 90’s grunge trend. This trend typically involved tying flannel shirts around the waist paired up with ripped jeans, sneakers or boots. Since no trend has ever come back without a single reinvention, here are 3 hottest ways for the ladies to wear their plaid shirts that are totally going to rock this trend this season.

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Wrap it around Jeans to Relive the Grunge Era

This is the most classic and common way to pull this look off. To nail this look, pay great attention to the color of the shirt and either make it match the color of your outfit or go for bold colored plaids to make it pop. If you want to give out the ‘Don’t Mess with Me’ message to all the boys looking your way, then pair it up with a biker jacket. Look grungy and relive the 90’s all over again. As far as shoes are concerned, don’t be afraid to play around and feel free to mix it up with flats, boots and even heels and as for jeans, any skinny or straight fitting ones would do great.

Wrap the Flannel Shirt around Skorts, Shorts or Skirts

This is an amazing way to combine the chic yet tough look. Skorts, shorts or skirts are anyway statement pieces on its own and adding the shirt-wrap just helps to accentuate and flatter the waist area even more. The key to pulling off this look is to pair it up with a neutral colored top or a light sweater as this will help to tone the outfit down a bit. Always remember that less is more! Sometimes being simple just might be the answer for looking ravishing and eye-catching.

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Plaid Shirts Look Great With Dresses Too!

Ladies, if you have raised your eyebrows with the thought of wrapping flannels around the waist with dresses, then clearly you have never tried to dress outside of the box! Flannels with dresses are a great way to achieve the casual yet chic look and is perfect for all those times when you want to wear a dress but do not want to look to overly dressed. To achieve the best results, try wrapping flannels around a body-con or t-shirt dress. For a more harmonized look, pick a shirt that has the same color as the dress.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in your boyfriend’s closet to find a shirt to wrap around your waist or look for manufacturers dealing in the sale of wholesale plaid flannel shirts. Whether you require flannels for personal or commercial purposes, buying in bulk will always be advantageous on the financial front.