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Watch Out for Three Sexy Ways to Wear Flannel Plaid Shirts in Beaches

With summer being officially here, it is time to pull of the most sexy and hottest looks for the trips, outings and parties. From the bikinis at the beach, to the little floral summer dresses, skin show becomes the next possibly best thing to add to your style statement when the weather gets sultry. The leading online fashion destinations are bringing in a wide array of summer closet summer staples and they end up adding a lot of funk to one’s wardrobe. You just need to think of few out of the box style appeals to carry them confidently, with a lot of poise and oomph.

Now that summer means beach vacations, you might be bored of regularly wearing the same old tanks, or short dresses, shorts and bikinis to beach, this year it is time to look and feel different from the crowd. Touch of creative and a keen sense of fashion will end you up looking no less than a diva in the beach.

What are your thoughts regarding the flannel plaid shirts? No they are not just limited to the colder seasons, you can easily wrap them in the summers at the beach also. Here are few style statements possible in the flannel plaid shirts wholesale pieces at the beach in summer.

Perfect beach cover up

It is time to ditch your silk and satin or synthetic printed cover ups for the beach trips as they have already become so outdated. Then what is the other alternative? Well you have the oversized plaid flannel shirts that can be worn over the bikinis as the beach cover ups. They come with colourful and duo toned plaid patterns making them absolutely perfect for the smartness quotient that you want to deliver through your beach attire. Add the funky accessories to them and look no less than the bombshell, completely offbeat from what people usually wear for the beach vacations in summer.

As a dress?

If you want to look casually simple for the lunch dates by the beach, you are supposed to add something very trendy and contemporary. You simply cannot wear the beach shorts with a tank as that would add a slouchy feel to your silhouette. Thus, it is essential to go for the outfit that complements the sunny day and amorous date vibes. You can easily go for the flannel shirts worn as a dress with a belt cinched on the waist, with any footwear that adds a finishing touch to the attire. The flannel shirts worn as a dress or the flannel dress will add a novelty to your persona, and make you look very preppy and classy. Make sure to add the right make up and hairdo with this.

Flannel shirts as an accessory

You might be wondering on how to turn a clothing piece into an accessory, well we will tell you how!

Well, the flannel shirts are extremely versatile and enough give you a lot of options to look chic, funky, classy or smart. Instead of completely wearing them as full-fledged outfits, you can just add them as accessories to keep up with the aura of plaid flannels. Just tie them around your waist while wearing anything from the jean shorts to bikinis or dresses. This will leave you with the impression of a fashionista who loves to try new things.

Thus, before hitting the beach this year, make sure you stash the luggage with a number of custom flannel shirts.

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