4 ways to wear a red flannel shirt this fall and a bonus look

womens red flannel shirt

A red flannel shirt is worth too much praise! It is the absolute best. Be it comfort or style, a red flannel shirt tops it all with ease and grace. So how to wear it this fall? Here is a comprehensive list that deals with how to wear a red flannel shirt during the fall season for four different occasions. a bonus look is also mentioned.

Way 1: For simple casual appearances

Casual and flannel walk hand in hand. They are so synonymous with each other that even the slight mention of one brings into the picture the other one. A flannel shirt works well for almost all casual occasions. And when you plan to just go out and about, slip into a red plaid version. Team it with a pair of black jeans and knee length boots in tan. A sleeveless quilted jacket on top of the shirt (a black textured one will do the look good) and a scarf complementing the shade of the boots (predominantly brown) will complete the spontaneous and natural appearance.

Way 2: For a date night

A date night calls for dressing up at your best, but if you are the leader of not dressing squad, then this is the perfect look for you. Simple and elegant, all you need is to put together a red flannel shirt and a pair of black jeans together. If your date is set in the open (for that extra touch of romance), you will need protection unless you are okay with the wine freezing in your mouth. Slip into a nice woolen cardigan in black minus any embellishment and let the collars and cuffs peek out from under to give it a smart finish. Pick a pair of glittery pumps to add spark to the monotony of the ensemble.

Bonus look: Since the motive of the article is to let the readers learn ways to wear a red flannel shirt, here is a bonus look that is worth the try. As it is getting colder with every passing day, wear a red cardigan over a pair of jeans and ankle length boots. To complete the look, tie a blue flannel shirt around your waist for a vintage appearance. You can use a beanie to keep yourself further protected from the chilly winds. Women’s flannel shirts in a number of colors are available with the best of the manufacturers.

Way 3: For a formal party

A black lace skirt will never get old. It will always remain that sassy and sexy, regardless your age or season. (That was a bit stretched but it is the truth). Teaming such a versatile piece with another classic slice of clothing is a risky business but spectacular nonetheless. Tuck in the red plaid extravagance in the skirt. Opt for a black textured lace skirt that comes up to the knee to keep your legs warm. A chunky neckpiece, a pair of pumps in black and red lips is all you need to look gorgeous. If you feel the heat, drape a trench coat around, but remove it when in the warmth of the room.

Way 4: For lunch with friends

Now, going for lunch with friends is also casual as many may argue, but there is a difference. A little dressing up is required for this particular occasion (if you don’t want your selfies to suck badly!). The variation of the look here lies in the dealing of the outerwear. You still wear your red flannel shirt and a pair of denim (in blue) and complete the look with a pair of knee-length ankle boots. But to keep yourself warm and to add to your elegant look, throw over a grey draper.

Thus, make use of the red plaid flannel shirt in the most conspicuous way this fall. And get appreciated for your simple and sophisticated fashion choices. Each of the looks has been approved by the fashion police so you can be assured of stunning results.

The best of flannel outfits are available with the top manufacturers. From shirts to dresses, the inventory boasts of all. Retailers can make a bulk purchase of the same at discounted prices.

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring is Here With the Best Flannel Shirts, Easy Breezy Outerwears and More

Spring comes with new hopes, aspirations, and definitely a fresh new collection of outfits to be added to your wardrobe! Be it the glamorous women or the hunky men, you need to change your look in the transition period from winter to summer, with lots of colors brightness and preppy clothes and accessories. You can spurge into the spring special collections at the online fashion hubs to get your preferred outfits, that too at reasonable prices. From comfort to light weight feel to the stylistic details they carry, you need to be minutely taking a note of everything. Spring is not about the sloppy jackets, or the slouchy silhouettes, you need to be more toned and look absolutely dapper and vivacious.

From the easy breeze outerwears, to lots of pink to be added to your closet, the light knitwear and definitely the grunge special best flannel shirts, you have a an array of endless options to try out this year. Here are some of the style definitions to try out with these outfits.

The easy breezy light outerwears

The spring is a season when you might suddenly feel cold, and for this the easy breezy and light weight jackets and coats will come to your rescue. Wear them with the formal shirts to office, or with tee to the causal outings and even to the gyms sessions. Granting perfect layering options, they come in a medley of cuts, shapes, colors and designs. From bombers to sweat jackets to the windcheaters, you get everything to try on.

Classic Flannel Sweatshirt

Vary the stripes

Be it the vertical stripes or the horizontal ones, the striped clothes are reigning supreme, and you can get them in the form of shirts or the trousers and even the tees. Lay your hands on the ones that come in different color options, to give you the most exquisite silhouettes.

Pink and Blue Duotone Shirt

Add pink

The menswear, especially for spring has been turning to the color pink. Go for the pink colored outfits, from the shirts to jackets, suits and much more. The soothing pink color will be a good choice for the sunny spring mornings.

Get punked

The graphic tees worn with the distressed jeans look great for the spring, and wear them with the colourful sneakers or boots to get the right punk attitude. From the slip and cropped ones, to the slouchy tattered trousers, you can try anything that suits you perfectly.

Greenish Blue and Black Checked Flannel Shirt

The grunge style

Yes, the old days are back and the grunge style is witnessed to be revived by the celebs and models. Try out the flannel outfits, especially the shirts that come with different plaid patterns in a variety of colors. Wear them with the denims or the chinos, and look absolutely smart with a retro edge with the contemporary twist. Also, use them as the layering options to be added to the simple graphic and plain tees.

Thus, from flannel for men to the pink outfits and outerwears, make sure to experiment this spring!

Flannel Is Everywhere: How To Wear 5 Flannel Clothes This Spring!

Plaid flannel is like a fashionistas guilty pleasure. The classic fabric and pattern combination is just too good to ignore. And when they are referred to as being classic, there is an actual allusion to them being timeless. Throughout different eras of history, they have stood the test of time and some not so memorable alterations.

There has been a few clothing pieces of plaid flannel that has caught all our attention. From skirts to scarves, there is a variety of items that every woman should have in her closet. So following some stellar suggestions, here is how you can style five flannel clothes and already turn the heat up.

Mustard Storm Check Flannel Skirt

Flannel skater skirt: Very 90s inspired

Every 90s kids will be familiar with Rachel Greens’ style antics on the popular sitcom “FRIENDS.” Given how we all are enthused with bringing back the fashion from the 90s era, especially flannel clothes, you can actually borrow this one look from Rachel. A skater skirt in plaid flannel teamed with a white turtle neck sweater was too good to look at. Further, knee-length socks and a pair of black ballerinas perfectly complemented this smart yet cute appearance. Like Rachel, cut off the accessories and let flannel work its charm.

Mini Gathered Flannel Dress

Flannel dress: For the pretty girl you are

Of the entire flannel designer clothing available with manufacturers, flannel dress are the ones which look the most adorable. Wear your plaid dress with pair of pumps to add a wee bit of sex appeal to the approach. A chunky neckpiece and a wristwatch will be enough to amplify your look. An oversized handbag can further be a great pick for accessories. Walk out of the house with confidence and slay everyone who lays an eye on you.

Flannel scarf: They are a thing for all seasons

The subtle line that existed between seasonal clothing is slowly but steadily disappearing. This means more options for the ladies! So pick a scarf, essentially crafted for the colder months, in red plaid flannel and team it with an all-black outfit. A black t-shirt, a pair of denim in black, ankle length boots and the red plaid flannel scarf casually wrapped around the neck, you are good to go. if you are not game with the enigmatic black appeal, then you can pick a pair of pumps in bright colours for instance red and make a stunning appearance anyway.

Royal Blue Slim Pants

Flannel pants: Formal with a twist

A comparatively new approach to flannel, plaid pants are actually doing pretty well with the enthusiasts. To make it look formal and apt to be worn to the workplace, tuck in a simple shirt and wear a statement belt to pull off the look with ease. A pair of block heels, a modest pendant and a shoulder bag, there is an assurance that all your colleagues will be impressed with this distinctive yet elegant appearance.

Flannel shirt: For they are a must!

No flannel list can be complete without the mention of plaid flannel shirt. They have become a staple and will continue to be so for the next few seasons at the least. But how to incorporate them with a spring outfit is the question that bothers most. Just pick your floral dress and throw over the shirt casually over it with the buttons flying open. Use a statement belt to highlight your silhouette better. A pair of ankle length boots will be a great choice for footwear. Tone down the accessories and make a stunning casual appearance.

Flannel is smart, casual and stylish. When a juxtaposition of these three happen, it is really difficult to avoid. So whichever clothing piece you want to pick, make sure to accompany them with the correct outfits coupling for an unforgettable appearance. Womens flannel shirts Australia and other flannel outfits are available with prominent manufacturers that can be purchased by retailers in bulk at reduced rates.

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

Redefine the Fall Collection with Fashionable Flannel Apparels

A brief history

With fall season officially here, it is time to update our collection to the more warm and insulated clothes. This is time when sassy jackets and hoodies come to play. In fact, it can be safely declared that it is the season of flannel. Flannel clothes are made of soft woollen fabric which makes the perfect choice for winter occasions, especially the outdoor ones.

Flannel, crafted with soft woollen materials, was introduced in the 17th century when farmers started wearing them to protect themselves from the chilly winds. They soon became popular as the perfect outdoor wear. One of the biggest myths is that plaid is a type of cloth. Many fail to realise that is a pattern that is commonly used with flannel clothes. Lumberjacks were seen sporting this rugged look during the late 20th century. Further on, tartan plaid flannel shirts became wildly popular with the youngsters when rock bands like Nirvana wore them on stage for a grungy appearance. Here are listed a few flannel clothes that are being sported by the fashion enthusiast this fall.

Marcelino Royale Check Flannel Shirt

Oomph it up tendy shirts

Featuring a varied palette, these flannel shirts for women are designed for all occasions. When going for a formal meeting, one can opt to wear this stylish piece of clothing with a pair of slim fit trousers. Ankle length boots or high heels can be a perfect addition to the ensemble.  An overcoat can add volumes and boost up the sex appeal. For a casual setting, one can opt for a pair of denim shorts and tuck it in for an impactful appearance. A sleek leather jacket is not only a smart choice for the winters, but will add a dash of sexiness to the look. Ladies can further choose to leave the buttons open and flash some skin. To pull off a sporty look, one can tie the shirt around the waist and match with a pair of funky sneakers.

Matador Inspiration Flannel Shirt

Jackets are the new thing

Plaid jackets are also very common these days. They are practical and perfect for daily use as these provide warmth and further help define a person’s character. One will surely gain compliments for their choice, when worn over a formal shirt and pair of well fitted trousers. To accessorise simply is the key to looking ethereal in plaid jackets. Mirror sunglasses and a lustrous handbag can be the correct match for the look.

Inky Hued Check Flannel Skirt

Flaunt those curves with the skirts

With plaid patterns becoming popular in the fashion industry, one can choose to wear tartan plaid flannel skirts that come in varied lengths and colours. From a mini skirt to the maxi inspired skirts, these are classy and elegant. For a spontaneous appearance, one can team a mini tartan skirt with a tucked in casual tee and fish net stockings. A pair of knee length boots can make them stand out tall in the crowd. Throw over a simple hoodie or a bomber jacket for a boisterous yet elegant look.

Boasting a wide range of collection of flannel shirts for men and women, you can purchase them online in bulk from reputed wholesalers who further provide attractive discounts, making them worth the buy.

4 Ways You Can Rock A Gingham Flannel Shirt This Summer

4 Ways You Can Rock A Gingham Flannel Shirt This Summer

Many women have the common misconception that flannel is a winter outfit. Well, it’s partly true but once you upgrade your wardrobe with soft, lightweight plaid shirts, you must know that you have more than one way to spunk up your summer style. So here we present some fresh new ideas to pull off this gingham trend. Watch out!

Monday Office Scene

Those dull days (yes, we’re talking about Monday office) when you do not feel like putting on your best clothes or make-up and accessories, you can trust a womens flannel shirt in black and red checks and team it up with a well-fit jeans. Depending on your office environment you can pick a pair of trousers instead of jeans and throw a blazer, if needed. You can also wear a plain tee under the shirt and leave the buttons open for a more effortless yet cool style.

womens flannel

Glam Evening Party

Heading out to a glamorous party? Who says you can’t wear your plaids? Take out a pair of denim shorts and tuck your flannel shirts in or leave it untucked and opt for black ankle booties and sport a red pucker to stand out. However, those women with bulkier lower portion can choose long jeans or never tuck in their shirt as this will do nothing to cover their problem areas. As per colors and checks, the combination of navy and dark green or other muted colors may be considered.

Go Grunge to Your Sandy Expedition

From Taylor Swift to Beyonce to Reese Witherspoon flannel is the talk of the Tinseltown and it seems celebrities are not yet ready to get over this. So when you are planning a trip to the Caribbean’s, pack in your different shaded womens plaid flannel shirts and even in ombre tones of light and dark blue and lemon yellow. You can also set your eyes on various color combos like blue and white, green and red, besides the most popular red, white and black to team them with denim shorts, flared trousers or cuffed jeans. To beat the heat in this summer, do not forget your sunglasses and a hat which will again add more fun and flair to the entire outfit.

Casual Outings

Are you going to catch up with your friends after a long time? Then dress up in an oversized red and green shirt over a basic white tee with high-waist pants and embellished boots paired up and storm up your conversations.

Be Geeky, Ultra Cool or Casual with Flannel Shirts for Women

Be Geeky, Ultra Cool or Casual with Flannel Shirts for Women

It seems that every season has specific garment pieces associated with it – denim shorts for summer, killer coats for winter, and floral dresses for spring. Same goes for fall. Nothing says fall quite like flannel shirts. Its versatility is kind of off the charts and everybody from cultivators-of-cool Gwen Stefani to twee masterminds like Zooey Deschanel has at least one. Everybody seems to want a piece of plaid. A good flannel shirt is worth the investment because they will literally never go out of style. A lot of women shy away from this trend because they think that it is largely masculine. Here is a handful of styling options to change the popular idea.

Look Badass with Flannel Shirts!

Team up checked flannel shirt UK with ankle-length jeans and a sleek leather jacket. It is as simple as that! This combination is perfect for all the tomboys out there who like to put on a tough look while looking fashionable. Replace the leather jacket with a puffer vest to look adorable.

flannel dress

Laid-back Cool

If you remember Skye from S.H.I.E.L.D then you will know what is being said here. Just a pair of skinny jeans and a plaid shirt buttoned all the way with a large necklace is all one needs to look cool without even trying.

Keep it Casual

Another way of wearing plaids would be to wear it open over a standard t-shirt. Keep it unbuttoned and pair it up with regular skinnies and boots or sneakers. Whether a date or coffee with friends, this look is sure to steal a few looks. To take it one notch higher, replace the t-shirt with a stylish crop top and flaunt your flat, irresistible stomach in full glory.

Try the Ultra Prep Look

Spencer Hastings of Pretty Little Liars shows the world how to nail the geeky yet chic look by wearing vintage flannel shirts Birmingham which is buttoned all the way up to the collar and paired up with a stylish sweater vest. Womens flannel Shirts Bradford is available today in various color palettes and patterns. Its versatility to be worn with anything from jeans to dresses is what makes it a huge hit. Retailers can stock up on this incredibly popular trend by getting in touch with a renowned supplier.

Flannel Plaid Shirts – Favorite Fall Trend

Different types of clothes, it seems, have been associated with seasons year after year – denim shorts to beat the summer heat, killer jackets and coats during chilly winters, floral printed dresses for spring – and nothing quite screams autumn much like the flannel shirts. It doesn’t matter if you like to wear them buttoned, unbuttoned on top of a cute t-shirt pr tied around your waist, these shirts are the epitome of cool whichever way you choose to wear them.

Flannel Shirts Ruled The 90s

Flannel plaid shirts have been the embodiment of cool for decades and were associated with the grungy-casual outfit during the 90s. It was often paired up with converse, old tees, thermal shirts, ripped jeans, etc, and had also wrongly earned the reputation of being a guy thing. But the fact is, these shirts have come a long way and one can turn up her feminine charm decked in this garment in more than one ways.

oversized flannel

Style For The Outdoorsy Kind

If you are someone who likes to take long walks and admire the changing colors during fall, then a slightly oversized women’s flannel shirt with a curved hemline paired with leggings and mid-boots should do the trick. If you think the shirt is a bit too loose, then simply gather it at the waist with a leather belt. If there is a nip in the air, then just throw on a sleeveless jacket or wrap a scarf around your neck. This look is casual and comfortable but makes it apparent that you have made an effort to dress up.

Tips For A Casual, Lazy Afternoon

It’s alright if you don’t feel like dressing-up every day. But that does not mean you have to look sloppy! If you are feeling lazy but have to run to the mall or meet up with a friend for coffee, then just pull out a fitted women’s plaid shirt and tuck it into denim shorts or khakis or even skinny jeans. Don’t button it all the way and wear simple accessories like maybe a pendant. Another easy way is to layer it up with a dress.

flannel plaid shirts wholesale

Time to Crank Up the Heat!

Do you want to turn up the oomph factor? If so, then look for flannel shirts in pastel colors and wear it with a pencil skirt and ballerina or kitten heels. Accessorize it to soften the masculine edge, but don’t go overboard. The flannel trend is a favorite with the trend-setting Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley and it can become your favorite too!

Whether you are interested in re-selling flannel shirts or use it personally, buying flannel plaid shirts for women can save you a ton of money!