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4 Ways You Can Rock A Gingham Flannel Shirt This Summer

Many women have the common misconception that flannel is a winter outfit. Well, it’s partly true but once you upgrade your wardrobe with soft, lightweight plaid shirts, you must know that you have more than one way to spunk up your summer style. So here we present some fresh new ideas to pull off this gingham trend. Watch out!

Monday Office Scene

Those dull days (yes, we’re talking about Monday office) when you do not feel like putting on your best clothes or make-up and accessories, you can trust a womens flannel shirt in black and red checks and team it up with a well-fit jeans. Depending on your office environment you can pick a pair of trousers instead of jeans and throw a blazer, if needed. You can also wear a plain tee under the shirt and leave the buttons open for a more effortless yet cool style.

Glam Evening Party

Heading out to a glamorous party? Who says you can’t wear your plaids? Take out a pair of denim shorts and tuck your flannel shirts in or leave it untucked and opt for black ankle booties and sport a red pucker to stand out. However, those women with bulkier lower portion can choose long jeans or never tuck in their shirt as this will do nothing to cover their problem areas. As per colors and checks, the combination of navy and dark green or other muted colors may be considered.

Go Grunge to Your Sandy Expedition

From Taylor Swift to Beyonce to Reese Witherspoon flannel is the talk of the Tinseltown and it seems celebrities are not yet ready to get over this. So when you are planning a trip to the Caribbean’s, pack in your different shaded womens plaid flannel shirts and even in ombre tones of light and dark blue and lemon yellow. You can also set your eyes on various color combos like blue and white, green and red, besides the most popular red, white and black to team them with denim shorts, flared trousers or cuffed jeans. To beat the heat in this summer, do not forget your sunglasses and a hat which will again add more fun and flair to the entire outfit.

Casual Outings

Are you going to catch up with your friends after a long time? Then dress up in an oversized red and green shirt over a basic white tee with high-waist pants and embellished boots paired up and storm up your conversations.

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