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Tap into the Vintage Style with New Flannel Shirt Designs this Season!

Men and women are often fashion exhausted and lack inspiration to think of new possibilities that will have a positive impact on the industry. And like everywhere else, they must turn the pages of history, and take a look at some of the vintage and retro collections to clear their heads and see their path forward.

This has happened time and again and you can always see retro styles coming back into the industry with a bang, as everybody starts to follow it once it hits the market. The flannel vintage shirt has been such a clothing apparel that has time and again inspired fashion designers with their work and has helped them create something new that will benefit the industry as a whole. This blog looks into how the retro style can be used this season to similar effect so that there are ripples on the covers of fashion magazines! Let’s take a look –

1. The Lumberjack Look

If there is one look that is likely to stand the test of the fashion timeline, then the lumberjack would definitely be it. It’s easy and all one needs are denims, a jacket, a pair of boots, and maybe a cap. Growing your bear as an accessory might help quite a bit to enhance the whole feel and it is definitely an option you should consider. All you need to do is make sure that the plaid design is completed with a neutral colored jacket layer on top and there you have it – the best ever avatar anyone could pull off with just a cool flannel shirt with vintage plaid design.

2. The Dressed-up Flannel Shirt Look

The fitted vintage flannel shirt is all you need with a dressy black trousers that folds perfectly at the ankles and a pair of desert boots. Get a clean hairstyle and add a leather band watch, just so you can have the complete look in place. You could wear it to dinner if you add a fancy blazer and it would be a look to remember for your date. Add a bit of layer with a black t shirt underneath and don’t forget to leave the top two buttons open or tuck the shirt in. This look is probably one of the best in flannel fashion for men and is a must have for anyone who likes to dress like a gentleman.

3. The Hipster Look with Vintage Flannel Shirt

Hipsters are always seen as a fashion forward subculture that set the tone of trends to come later. Their use of flannel has always been a learning experience for the industry and many of the modern styles are designed keeping their look in mind. One such shirt is the slim fit flannel shirt that is an absolute winner for tall or lanky men. These full sleeved shirts must be worn all the way to the wrists and a grey neutral tone skull cap to compliment the nerd glass accessory, accentuates the look further.

A dark pair of straight fit denims with broad single fold at the ankle and contrasting oxfords or brogues could complete the look and make you feel like a fashion cover model.

All of the above looks just need one primary thing – vintage flannel shirt. And if one plays it right, then these attires can be tweaked further to create more out of the same clothes. So, get your shirts and set your wardrobe right for the coming summer season!

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