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The Many Ways you Can Wear a Stylish Pair of Flannel Trouser

As most of the time, the case with fashion, there are often trends that come a and go, while some remain constant. Most of the classic outfits turns out to be our go to pieces whenever we want to dress up appropriately but fuss free. The comfiest of them are jeans, flannel shirts, white oxford shirts and even monochromatic tees. But wearing jeans all the time not only gets boring but strips the fun factor off the outfit. But sometimes you should opt for other types of pants as well that will bring about the freshness of an outfit and make you look fashionable as well. Retailers can get good quality flannel pants wholesale at affordable rates only from concerned flannel clothing manufacturer.

Formal Wear

When it comes to the concept of workwear, the flannel shirt is dressy enough to be worn with a classic white shirt, tie and a blazer. This is not only flattering but helps in creating an attractive formal silhouette. You can even tone down the look for formal dinners by just pairing a contrasting colored shirt with a flannel trouser.

Casual Wear

The joy of wearing a flannel pant is that they look just as good without a jacket as much as without it. You can wear the pant to night outs with friends or even a nice dinner with your girlfriend. Either way, stick to a specific color scheme and don’t go for too much of a colorful outfit as it can ruin the vibe.

The Club Wear

This definitely does not mean the night club, but the country club. When summers are all about soaking the sun outdoors, everybody wants to spend some time in the country catching up on their friends or learning a new sport. In fact, a nice brunch with the high school friends is a good enough reason to wear the flannel shirt and flaunt your latest style steal.

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