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The Most Reliable Flannel Care Guide of This Year

The feeling of a buttery soft, warm, cozy, and comfortable flannel shirt on the body is nothing less than experiencing heaven on earth, don’t you think so?

Are you a flannel lover? Have loads of different flannel styles stashed up in your wardrobe? However, as much as you like them, you need to take care of them as well in order to make that favorite flannel jumpsuit or flannel PJ last longer.

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5 Noteworthy Flannel Care Steps

If you want to keep them looking and feeling great then follow these 5 steps that tell you how to wash, dry, and care for them.

  • So, the process of flannel care starts with knowing how to wash them. You can use either warm or cool water, leaving out boiling or hot water. Always keep in mind that hot water speeds up color fading and ruins the softness of the fabric.

Keep the temperature of the water consistent, which in other words means, if you are using warm water then rinse in warm water and if you are using cool water then rinse in cool water. Getting creative over here would only destroy the flannel item.

  • Once you have made up your mind and are done selecting warm or cool water, go for the gentle setting on your machine. When you select heavy-duty or regular wash setting, the friction caused stresses the fibers of your flannel pieces, which can lead to piling, at the end of which you can actually say goodbye to them. So, always choose the gentle mode to keep them looking great.
  • Don’t use any harsh detergent or anything that contains bleach alternatives or additives. Always go for a mild detergent. The amount should be the same as you normally use. A harsh, full of chemical kind of detergent will ruin the quality of your flannel piece and will fade it in no time.
  • Whether in liquid form or a dryer sheet, a fabric softener does help maintain the softness of your flannel products. However, be careful of what you are using. Going for a standard or worse, a cheap one will only make your flannel item less soft, not more. Also, though the fabric softener at the beginning will help to make it soft, over time you would find that it’s clogging the fibers and causing the fabric to stiffen. So, what you can do is, depending on the kind of load you are having, you can use a cup of white vinegar which will act as a natural fabric softener.
  • Always air-dry the flannel pieces. However, if you still decide to use a dryer then ensure to dry your flannel clothing items on the lowest heat setting. As soon as they become dry, remove them from the machine. Remember, too much heat can shrink and weaken the flannel fabric.

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