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There is a Flannel Pant to Match that Favorite Plaid Shirt!

Fashion trends keep changing with season, some for the better while others are often seen making a comeback in re-imagined styles. One trend that has transcended through years is denims. Jeans is a wardrobe staple for most men and women. But wearing denims everyday can get a little boring! To break the monotony, designers and high-end fashion houses have revived the flannel trend through pants.

wholesale flannel pants

Flannels were a massive fashion movement back in the ’90s when grunge ruled the music scene. Over the years, contemporary styled garment pieces started coming on the forefront and it was believed that flannels have lost their charm and appeal. It was relegated to older gentlemen! But sadly, that is a grave misconception. The youth loves plaid just as they still love Kurt Cobain! After a lot of re-imaginations on the shirt and making them available in tie-and-dye color combinations, designers and manufacturers also started creating flannel pajamas owing to the superior comfort, softness and versatility of the fabric. And the latest trend to have wowed fashion lovers is wholesale flannel pants.

Flannel Pants Can be Styled for Any Season

Flannels come in varied weave weights because of which it can be worn just as comfortably during spring and summer as it can be in fall and winter season. For formal occasions, block colored flannel pants are preferred as it can be teamed up with any colored dress shirt and blazers. But for casual outings, men can definitely experiment with patterns and check and wear it with t-shirts.

Flannel on Flannel is a Thing!

Just like denim on denim is in vogue, so is flannel on flannel. Single colored pants can be teamed up with vintage flannel shirts for men. It can be dressed up or down. The vintage shirts come in colors of red, brown, black and grey with plaid patterns that look super stylish. The great comfort offered by the flannel fabric is something that makes flannel on flannel so alluring!

men's vintage flannel shirts

There are very few garment pieces that can actually be worn all day long with feeling an ounce of irritation or discomfort, and flannel happens to fall in that category. The fabric feels exceptionally soft and smooth against the skin, it has moisture wicking capabilities and one can even fall asleep in them!

Flannels are becoming increasingly sophisticated, classy and happening to keep up with the current age and times. Do not give up on this trend, just yet. It still has miles to go! For now, stock up on some cozy trendsetting wholesale flannel pants by getting in touch with leading suppliers!

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