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Unusual Flannel Products You Might Not Know Existed

Unusual Flannel Products You Might Not Know Existed

Move over the usual flannel commons like flannel shirts, flannel jackets, and flannel PJs. We list for you some unusual flannel products that you might not know existed. These are equally stylish and worthy of your investment. So, take a look. Add them to your collection, and get ready for some double takes!

If you are a retailer or private label business owner looking for a flannel clothing manufacturer to place bulk orders for your collection, choose a leading one that offers bulk orders of these uncommon flannel products along with other wholesale flannel products like flannel shirts, flannel jackets, flannel dresses and more. That way, when your customers come looking for these, you will have a large collection of various flannel products and it will be a delightful experience for them!

Read on, to know which ones to look for.


A Cozy Flannel Bedsheet

Cozy Flannel Bedsheet

These comfortable flannel bed sheets are super soft and are a warmer alternative for the chilly winters. They also give any room, whether modern or traditional, a polished and elegant look at a moment’s notice. They also have a vintage charm about them, that is highly coveted!

When well taken care of, flannel bed sheets last a very long time. Hence, these cozy, breathable, highly durable, and elegant-looking flannel bedsheets are a must-have for a chilly evening!


A Comfortable Flannel Blanket

Whether you choose a flannel blanket for your baby or get a throw blanket or invest in a full-sized flannel blanket, these super comfortable and cozy blankets help you tide over the cold winters.

You can also carry these useful blankets when going camping or snuggle around a fire in the winters, while you sip hot chocolate and roast some marsh mellows on the fire.

Get yourself a flannel blanket and get ready to snuggle in style!


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Flannel Bodysuit for Your Baby

kids bodysuit

Style your baby in a colorful and comfortable flannel bodysuit that will keep him/her snug and warm. These come in several colors and styles and the ones with a buttoned-up style are easy to put on. Make sure you choose ones with a smart snap-in closure that will be easy to change while providing complete and slip-free coverage at the same time.

Choose cozy for your baby and get them a smart flannel bodysuit.

If you are a business owner reading this and wondering where to place a bulk order of flannel bodysuit wholesale, choose only a reputed flannel clothing supplier who also specializes in other flannel products on this list. Place bulk orders for them along with these cozy flannel bodysuits and get ready to add some variety to your collection, now!


Flannel Jumpsuit

Take a break from your usual jumpsuits and give these snug flannel jumpsuits a try. Choose a classic baggy style or go for a wrap flannel jumpsuit for the evening, and get ready to beat the chill in style!


Flannel Nightwear

Flannel Nightwear

We are familiar with the classic flannel PJs during winters. However, you could also take your flannels into the summer with a stylish strappy nighty or choose a flannel house coat, over the usual ones, when it gets chilly in the fall.


Flannel Towels

Choose these superior quality flannel towels that are super soft and have the potential to absorb much better while being quick dry at the same time.

Bonus, they are also very effective to remove makeup!

If you are a retailer or private label business owner, looking to place a bulk order of flannel towels wholesale, choose only a leading flannel clothing supplier who can supply these useful and delightful flannel towels along with other quality flannel products. They also provide you with the advantage of a large catalog, with a massive collection of products, in several styles and color options. Look for the ones you want. Ask for customizations, if you wish to. For queries, contact their helpdesk. Then, go ahead and place your bulk orders for a range of wholesale flannel products.

Build your collection and delight your customers with some cozy and elegant flannel pieces, now!

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