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Why Flannel Blankets are Considered a “People’s Favorite”?

Flannel may conjure up pictures of Scottish highlanders since the fabric first originated in Scotland and was crafted out of wool sheared from sheep. The fabric used in bulk flannel blankets, especially those which are brought by reliable manufacturers today are typically made of 100% superior quality material which ensures total warmth and comfort.

The flannel blankets work great when you first take note of the chilly nip of the approaching fall and winter seasons. Now let’s get to know as why the flannel blankets have made a special place in most people’s hearts.

Breathable and Cozy

The brushed surface of the flannel blankets not just help the blankets trap the body heat and air but they also allow your skin to breathe. Compared to the man-made fibers, the flannel blankets see to it that you feel warm and cozy, all the while also ensuring that you don’t wake up overly hot and sweaty. Constructed from either a twill or plain weave, during manufacturing the brushing technique causes little cells to form that trap the air which is also responsible for making the blanket soft ultimately. As it is a very absorbent material, flannel blankets also often come with the ability to wick moisture away from the body.

Soft and Comfortable

Originally crafted from carded wool or worsted yarn, the flannel fabrics made their way from Scotland to Europe in the 17th C, increasingly gaining popularity. Usually, on both sides, the flannel blankets have a brushed nap which lends the blanket their very qualities of being soft and smooth to touch, particularly when you use them at the time of your sleep. They help in giving you a relaxed, comfortable feel which can help you achieve a sound sleep away from all the anxieties and worries of your daily life. They are just the best to use during the colder winter months. When natural and man-made fibers are combined in flannel, the blankets then assure you of greater durability.

How to Take Care of Your Flannel Blankets?

After you get your hands on the flannel blankets, make sure that you care for them, so that they stay with you for a long, long time. All you need to do is simply give a light wash to them in cold water and tumble dry them on a warm setting in the dryer. Make sure never to use fabric softener on flannel as this will stiffen the blanket.

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