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Why Flannel Is The Best Friend You Want Before The Winter Swoops In?

When autumn approaches, with all its warm-one-moment-freezing-the-next chaos, you soon discover that you cannot hold blindly to what you wear all summer, nor put forward your winter wardrobe for another few months. The materials have different uses and are designed to be dressed at different points in time of year. If you’d like to knock the temperature, then nailing your stuff is more than half a struggle.


Flannel clothing is a soft, knit fabric, generally made of wool or cotton. It can also be brushed or unbrushed (brushed provides a smoother feel) and is typically used for bedclothes as well as garments.

How to sport it?

The flannel is great for a shirt. I f you don’t like a scarf or a sweater; you should put a flannel shirt on top of a shirt or put it on your own. A plaid flannel shirt is an iconic style – but if you don’t feel sure about the design, wear it underneath a jacket to play down the print.

Rather than still feeling AND looking warm, why don’t you leave the comfortable aspect looking a little bit more up-to-date? And you should always wear your flannel anyplace: brunch, a fun gig, and yes, also your 9-to-5 gig.

Dress up according to the occasion

While you do not immediately think about a flannel shirt when you put together a business casual ensemble, you should probably give it a try. The appearance is shockingly good, and it can establish a glamorous look. What you need to do is pick the best flannel and dress it in a polished manner. Start by excluding colors that are too bright, and select more muted alternatives instead.

You’re most likely to wear your flannel shirt casually, so it’s important to be careful. Only because your look is informal, that doesn’t mean you will wear it with something. For instance, if you wear a flannel shirt with sweat pants, you would look messy. So, stick to the denim for a relaxed and chic look.Black denim makes an especially trendy alternative for an artsy grunge feel, but any color will fit.

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