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3 types of clothes that enhance the beauty of plaid flannel

Flannel flannel everywhere, and too much to choose from! Yes, this is exactly what comes to mind when flannel is taken into consideration. Enthusiasts have gone a long way to induce plaid flannel with a number of apparels to increase their appeal, and one has to give it to them for they did succeed. But if you are confused for which item to pick, here is taking a look at the three most common and most popular flannel pieces in the market right now. Take a look if you have them or need to run to the stores right away.

Flannel shirts

flannel shirts australia

One of the most popular pieces in the flannel category, shirts is the staple that can be found in the wardrobes of both men and women. Flannel shirts are quirky to look, have a comfortable appeal about them and a history that dates back to the early 17th century Scotland. This alone qualifies them as the standard piece of fashion. Topping the circuit charts for years, they have held their position against the toughest contenders without budging. People love them for their flamboyance and association with the finest trends in the fashion history, lumberjack and grunge to name a few. With the constant moderation, flannel shirts are on an upward growth and so signs of stopping either in the near future.

Flannel socks

flannel socks

An unlikely piece of fashion to have mentioned on the list, but nonetheless, flannel socks have a hold of their own. The extravagance of the plaid pattern, combined with the softest fabric of flannel is ideal for winters. The pairs are crafted with the superior quality of the same, which adds to the comfort they provide. Custom socks wholesale as available with the coveted manufacturers come in all kinds of shades and textures, which make wearing them all the more fun. Hide them under your trouser or show them off with unparalleled panache, you can be assured that the pair of flannel socks is the underrated hero of your wardrobe and deserves a place, oops praise.

Flannel jackets

wholesale cool blue hooded jacket 1

Sleek and sexy- the right adjectives to define a flannel jacket. This is no secret that flannel jackets with all their sassiness are ideal for the winters, but you can totally wear it for the summers (at least for the evenings which are usually chilly). Pick the right padding for your jacket, and you will be cosy and comfy inside it. Red, black, yellow, white, blue and orange are some of the colours you get your jacket in, so there is no reason to fuss at all. Some of them come with hoodies, while some of them have zip closure. The sheer variety of the style and design combined with the different shades makes these a worthy purchase.

Thus, if you are looking to make plaid flannel your go-to item, then these are the pieces you should be looking for. They enhance the beauty of the flannel by ten-folds. Available with the best manufacturers, retailers can buy flannel clothing in bulk at discounted prices. So what are you waiting for? Get your flannel clothes today and make an upgrade in your personal style statement.

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