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4 Ways to Make your Flannel Shirt the Most Magical Item in your Closet

The flannel shirt is a classic closet staple. Whenever the fall-winter season descends, a pair of stylish and comfortable flannel shirt turns into our go to piece of clothing. The most exciting part of wearing this shirt is the fact that, since it is versatile in nature, it can be worn in many different ways, be it casual smart or in formals. But as it turns out, wearing the same style over and over again can become a little tiring hence, everybody wants a bit of change aesthetically. Therefore, this blog has been written keeping in mind the style requirements of the millennials and the different and unique ways you can wear it for the few colder months. Retailers can get in touch with flannel clothing manufacturer to order for custom made flannel shirts from the store.

Rock your Flannel with Corduroy Pants

Do you know, the corduroy style has made a comeback and it is a great alternative to the jeans and a flannel look. Swap the denim pants for a flowy flared bottom corduroy pants and wear a fitted top over it to complete the look. You can even clinch a belt around the waist, to add some drama to the silhouette. Heels are a must-have if you want to add some height to the look.

Flannel for Layering

Unlike bulky woolen sweaters, flannel shirts are optimized for layering with different other complementary pieces. Think about leather jackets or bombers. These are a good way to amplify a simple flannel shirt outfit for the colder winter days. Wear it with skinny jeans or treggings to complete the entire look.

Dress up your Flannel with a Skirt

Flannel and jeans are predictable, but a flannel and skirt look are unexpected. Hence, find out what type of skirt works best for your body type. Generally, pencil skirts work well for creating a feminine formal look, but the maxi skirt is also great and works well if you want to experiment with prints. Strappy heels are a great footwear option. In fact, you can even wear stockings for some warmth.

Style your Flannel with Varsity Jacket

Everybody should own a varsity jacket irrespective of they are great athletes or not. All you have to do to create a sporty luxe look is wear a flannel shirt as it is and layer it with a traditional varsity jacket. Keep the bottom wear skin-fitted so that you can create a balance with the look instead of looking like a parachute.

Manufacturers of vintage flannel shirts wholesale are producing some unique flannel pieces that you can have a look at. Select the apparel pieces that appeals to your brands signature needs, check the MOQ of the required products and state the bulk needs to the customer care team.


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