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4 Ways to Wear Flannel in The Summer (and Look Chic)

Flannel is a patent fabric that has found its way back into our closets over the last few seasons. Be it because of their versatility or comfort that they offer in abundance, flannel clothes are here to stay. These classic pieces of fashion can be dressed according to the occasion and weather. So this summer, make flannel your go-to item, as you can pick a variety of clothes, all incorporated with the fabric and the pattern. To help you make a distinct appearance throughout the hotter months, read on and refer to the list, which guides in four ways on how to wear flannel clothes.

Pick a flannel dress

Womens flannel tunic as available with many reputed manufacturers, it is the perfect way to dress for a hot summer day. Wear a dress featuring plaid flannel, which ends well above your thighs. Complete the look with a pair of ankle length boots and some junk jewellery that add considerable amount of elegance to your look. To look breezy, pick a dress in bright shades that may include red, yellow, and green for that will make you look in sync with the season.

An oversized flannel shirt

We all have always have been warned about the fact that flannel shirts should be a perfect fit in order to look good in it. But it is time to break all shackles and try out something new. An oversized flannel shirt can be worn with a pair of slim fit jeans and pumps to look sleek and elegant. Carry an oversized handbag and skip on all accessories for that simple yet effective finish.

A flannel skater skirt

Smart and sexy, a skater skirt adorned with plaid flannel is what you definitely need for summer. Tuck a modest solid tee in the skirt to look feminine. You can further wear a chunky neckpiece to add drama to the look. A pair of pumps will add to your stature and complete the appearance for the ultimate panache.

A flannel jacket

Ideal for those unpredictable summer weather changes, a flannel jacket is versatile enough to be worn to both formal occasions and casual settings. Throw them over a t-shirt and jeans combo or wear them with a sharp shirt and trouser, the charm of flannel will always work at its fullest, helping you garner compliments from all the onlookers. You can add a pair of sneakers or pumps according to the situation. For this approach, it is best to refrain yourself from using any kind of accessories, so as to avoid looking flashy.

When you are confused about what to wear, wear flannel! It is a safe bet but only once you know how to wear each piece in a proper way. Overdoing flannel is a big no-no that you should be mindful of. With prominent manufacturers producing an exclusive range of flannel clothes that include jackets and flannel shirts for women, the options available are vast and varied. Retailers and store owners can make a bulk purchase while securing attractive discounts.

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