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5 Flannel Blanket Prints to Go with your Home Décor

Flannel blankets are a must-have in every household; be it for guestrooms or early winter chills. Made out of cotton, synthetic fiber, or wool, this textile is good for heat trapping and thus keeping people warm. However, people often dismiss these blankets because they do not go well with luxury home décor. But now these days are far gone and various flannel prints are becoming more hip. Here are 5 prints that won’t just suit your home décor, but stand its own as part of your furniture accessories.

Let’s take a look –

Christmas Print

When festivities are around the corner, nothing looks better than the Christmas print. Available in a variety of colours and design variations, it always houses a gamut of bells, reindeers, snow, Santa, and sledges.

Blue, red, maroon, and brown go fabulously with these festive prints and reflect very well in a simple yet classy home décor.

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Multicolored Stripes

This print brings together class and color. Illuminating in its bedroom presence, it looks vibrant and fun, giving your home décor a unique edge.

Stripes have long been a staple of interior decorations and go very well with the flannel texture. Especially, the VIBGYOR stripes especially are a consumer favorite.

Chequered Prints

The classic flannel print is also available with blankets. It might be old school, but it’s still in style and redefines interior décor fashion in every sense of the term.

Cool with blue and hot with red, the one you need to buy depends on the color of your bedroom walls.

Animal Hide Print

Whether it be tiger stripes or leotard print, this one is for them luxury bedrooms. Adding a bit of wild flavor into the mix, it opens up your bedroom decoration options quite a lot.

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You can now match your carpets in similar or contrasting prints and completely revamp the style with minimalistic changes.

Floral Prints

Made for children’s rooms in general, it makes the ambience brighter and more jubilant. Adding more happy vibes in your place, it can be combined with a starry ceiling or garden floral wall paint.
Sounds amazing right? You bet it is!

If you want more than a couple, you could always try distributors who load their products from flannel cloth manufacturers.

So, what are you waiting for? The best flannel prints on blankets aren’t going to adorn the retail shelves forever. If you think, that’s what you need, grab a shopping bag now and set on to give your home a blanket makeover.


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