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5 Ways to Wear a Flannel Shirt that Will Impress Women

Do you have zero luck with the ladies? Maybe the problem is not you but how you dress. Come one, if you want to act oblivious to the fact that your appearance has an impression on the ladies, then you are wrong dude. Your clothes, your hair, your shoes are definite indicators of your personal preference. And till now, it seems you have maxed out on all the trends with no success. But maybe it is not the traditional trend that you need to master. Maybe you need something that has been charming ladies for long and enhancing men’s wardrobe for long. Yes, you guessed it right. A flannel shirt! You know with all its versatility and charm, it can elevate any appearance. So how do you wear a flannel shirt that promotes your look to be more impressive to the ladies? Keep reading, you will find the answers listed here below.

  • Get the double flannel game on by teaming two flannel shirts together. All you need to get this look right are two complementing flannel shirts, precisely one in yellow and blue and the other in green and blue. Complete the look with a pair of jeans, military boots in tan and an indomitable attitude. You can also wear a white t-shirt if it gets too cold outside. For a sexier appeal, tie one of the shirts around your waist and look classy.
  • Manufacturers of the wholesale shirt have tweaked the classy flannel shirt that imitates a jacket with a zip to complete the unique appeal. So wear your solid white tee inside and throw over the jacket casually, to look effortlessly cool. A pair of black trousers that gives a peak of your ankles completed with a pair of loafers will get you going.
  • If you want to get in the Christmas mood, then opt for the brightest red plaid shirt you have in your wardrobe and team it with a pair of jeans (rolled towards the ankle). To balance the red, pick a graphic tee and a quilted sleeveless jacket. Wear a pair of bright red sneakers for that jolly Christmas appearance that will definitely help you make a stellar impression on the ladies.
  • Nothing can beat the leather jacket-flannel shirt combination. It is meant to slay all the onlookers and guess what, it spares none. Wear a dark flannel shirt with a black textured leather jacket. Complete the ensemble with a pair of denim and white plimsolls to stand out in the crowd. Keep the rest of the attire simple to keep the classy sophistication intact. (And also if you want to look like a good boy gone bad, this is the combo that will get you going).
  • Since it is winter, an overcoat is a must of almost all ensembles. So why not try it out with your flannel shirt? For a flawless appearance, pick a dark flannel button down and the overcoat should be textured in camouflage. Replace your jean with a pair of dark chinos and loafers for footwear to perfect the smart-casual look.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to impress ladies around you with your style and charm, a flannel shirt is your arsenal.

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