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A Man’s Guide to Flannel Fashion

While we have nothing against the lumberjack aesthetic, there are other ways to wear flannel clothing wholesale besides “farmer-chic.” We recommend having a few alternatives in your closet to be able to pull off a few different looks:

  • At least one slim-fitting shirt and one in a bigger size for layering under or over other garments.
  • To balance out the darker elements in your outfit, go for a lighter, bigger check with white or cream accents.
  • To keep loyal to the flannel roots, choose a traditional green or red plaid.
  • A dark, smaller check that is a touch more dressy.
  • One or two strong colors, such as mustard or blue. Solids are the most versatile when it comes to layering and dressing up or down.

How to Wear a Flannel Shirt

Flannel shirts exude casualness and will never go out of style. The flannel shirt may be your go-to garment whether you’re out on a weekend getaway or chugging drinks with your buddies at bars. They look well with a simple tee and decent jeans, or tied neatly around the waist for a vintage style.

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1. As a Sophisticated Statement Piece

Red flannel is a staple, but if you’re not cautious, you may end up looking like a lumberjack. Layer a sleek vest over top to spruce it up a touch while still letting the shirt shine out. This also works great with green plaid flannel. To keep it appearing polished, choose dark pants and boots.

2. Underneath a Sports Jacket

This is a look that must be done with care. Choose a sports jacket that is more on the casual side. It’s best if it has patch pockets, a soft shoulder, and a light fabric. Lighter colors and textured fabrics are often considered more casual. A solid-colored flannel shirt is also the simplest to pull off in this situation, although a dark, smaller check might also work. Wear it with a pair of relaxed cotton chinos or pants. An Oxford shoe or loafer with a thick rubber sole completes the casual/chic appearance.

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3. To Add a Splash of Color

A good canvas for your flannel shirts is a clean crew-neck sweater. Layer a vibrant flannel underneath your sweaters for a flash of color, and pair it with casual pants like chinos or corduroy. A solid color like this mustard hue is ideal for nighttime activities, while a checkered flannel shirt may be worn for a more relaxed daytime approach.

4. As a Layer in the Middle

The beautiful thing about flannel is that it allows you to add texture and pattern to your ensemble without being overly effortful. Wearing a flannel shirt as a middle layer isn’t overly flashy, but it elevates your outfit over a simple tee. Wear your flannel over a tee or Henley, as well as beneath a bomber jacket. It’s attractive while being casual and comfy.

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5. Worn Over a Hoodie

Size up your flannel shirt and use it as an outerwear item. It can be worn over any knitwear, but it’s an especially robust way to dress up a plain hoodie. With this style, sneakers and light wash denim are a must-have.

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